Zendaya was allegedly refused entry to a restaurant due to dress code

Zendaya may have gotten into some trouble in Rome when she was reportedly denied entry to the Terrazza Borromini restaurant because of her flashy dress. The actress and her company were not impressed, they found an alternative dining option in a nearby pizzeria.

In a separate event, Zendaya shared vacation photos with boyfriend Tom Holland to celebrate his birthday. The pair’s relationship, which began while working on the Spider-Man franchise, has grown stronger over the years.

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Zendaya was refused entry to the restaurant for violating the dress code

Zendaya at the 54th Annual NAACP Image Awards

According to the Daily Mail, Zendaya found herself in an awkward situation during her recent visit to Rome. The 26-year-old actress was dressed in a trendy black tube top and pants ensemble as she tried to enter the upscale Terrazza Borromini restaurant and failed miserably.

Zendaya’s effortless style was further accentuated by a selection of accessories, including a chic designer handbag and stylish leather dresses. Her wet-look hair, parted to the side, gave off a modern vibe, while her make-up included smoky eyeshadow and glossy lips, adding a hint of glamor to her laid-back look.

Despite being booked, Zendaya and her co-stars were reportedly denied entry due to the facility’s strict “smart casual” dress code.

Zendaya and her group eventually found an alternative dining option and enjoyed delicious food at a nearby pizzeria.

Zendaya shares vacation photos with Tom Holland to celebrate his birthday

Tom Holland and Zendaya Coleman

Meanwhile, Zendaya’s Hollywood heartthrob Tom Holland and renowned Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton were spotted together in New York after enjoying a delicious dinner at Sant Ambroeus restaurant.

Holland has been romantically linked to Zendaya since their on-screen chemistry ignited in 2017 in the Spider-Man franchise.

The couple’s bond has only grown stronger over the years, as evidenced by their recent birthday getaway together. Zendaya took to her Instagram account to share a glimpse of their idyllic vacation and shower her boyfriend with love on his special day.

Tom Holland and Zendaya hold hands as they exit their New York hotel

Grayling Daily Mail, one of the captivating photos captured Holland, with a mischievous grin, submerged underwater while forming a heart shape with his hands. Another snapshot shows the British actor in Zendaya climbing the picturesque ocean cliffs and marveling at the breathtaking coastline.

Zendaya shared her excitement with her followers, tagging Holland in both pictures, and even took the opportunity to promote her highly anticipated Hulu miniseries, “The Crowded Room,” which premieres June 9.

She opened up about her home life with Tom Holland

Zendaya recently shared some interesting details about her dynamic with Holland, giving a rare glimpse into their extremely private relationship.

During an interview The day, the Disney child star humorously admitted that she sometimes struggles to understand her beau’s British sayings, although she absolutely loves her accent.

“Like I get the concept – but what do apples and pears have to do with stairs?” she wondered. “It’s cute when you tell me the different expressions – but I really don’t get it!” he added.

Delving into their home life, Zendaya revealed that Tom will be taking over the kitchen. “He’s very good in the kitchen, which is lucky, because I’m very accident-prone,” she shared. “We learned early on that only one of us can be in the kitchen at a time, we’re both control freaks, so we can’t be in there together.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship

In a heartfelt tribute to Holland on his birthday last year, Zendaya poured her emotions into a touching message, referring to him as “the happiest”.

Her heartfelt words were accompanied by a sweet black-and-white photo that captured a hug between Zendaya and her beau.

Since publicly confirming their relationship two years ago, the “Cherry” star and Zendaya haven’t been afraid to express their love for each other on various social media platforms. However, in mid-2021, fans’ speculations became reality as the couple was caught kissing passionately, confirming their romantic relationship.

The lovebirds recently embarked on a romantic getaway to the magical city of Venice, Italy. They immersed themselves in the picturesque canals of Venice and even attended a Bulgari party.

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