Zayn Malik Deleted Social Media For New Music!

Zayn Malik is ignoring the “are they or not” dating rumors swirling between him and Selena Gomez and has instead deleted all of his social media accounts as he prepares to release new music.

Zayn Malik has signed a new deal with Mercury Records

Zayn Malik signs to Mercury Records
Instagram | Zayn Malik

Former member of One Direction Zayn Malik recently signed a new record deal with Mercury Recordsand along with this news, which he posted on his IG Story, the singer also deleted his social media and deleted all previous posts and tweets while something new is in the works.

Zayn used to work for RCA Records, but they dropped him in October 2021. Now that Mercury Records has relaunched as the American imprint of Republic Records, led by President Tyler Arnold and GM Ben Adelson, they’re excited to have Zayn on board.

As Billboard reported, Arnold stated, “As soon as Zayn and I met, I knew we had to work together. I was impressed by the new music, but equally impressed by his vision, drive and spirit. We are honored to have him and his team join us at Mercury Records. We have an incredible opportunity to tell the next chapter of his story together.”

Mercury Records boasts impressive artists such as Post Malone, James Bay, BoyWithUke and Jeremy Zucker. Meanwhile, Zayn is set to launch his new debut single “coming soon this summer” and here it is a new pre-save link for the fans! Guess your female fans are going to have a hot girly summer.

Any new music coming up?

Zayn Malik is spinning new music
Instagram | Zayn Malik

Hours after Zayn deleted his social media accounts, leaving them empty, he broke the news that he had signed to Mercury Records, dropping a new teaser featuring him on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet and revving the machine.

The video, posted on Instagram, has garnered over 2.9 million likes, with fans leaving frenzied comments showing her how excited they are for the new music. Zayn also delighted fans by joining TikTok and immediately received a lot of love from fans on the short video-making platform.

The one thing fans kept wondering was why Malik, who is rumored to be dating Selena Gomez, didn’t follow her on social media. What’s even more interesting is that even Gomez was ahead of her and didn’t follow her and her baby mama Gigi Hadid.

As a solo artist, Zayn has three records to his name: “Mind of Mine” in 2016, “Icarus Falls” in 2018 and finally “Nobody is Listening” in 2021. Two of his songs hit the top 10 with “Pillowtalk” at #1 and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” at #2.

The new album, it seems, will differ markedly from his previous songs.

Zayn’s recent thirst trap drew fans’ attention to this detail

Zayn Malik's latest thirst trap has fans hooked
Instagram | Zayn Malik

Right before he broke it all down, Zayn Malik, who often goes by just his first name, ZAYN, treated his fans to a classic bodybuilding pose with a shirtless thirst trap. He had a cigarette in his mouth and was wearing some chains around his neck as well as a watch and a bracelet. The singer has a slim build, has grown a bit compared to before, but has kept her youthful silhouette.

Fans noticed an eagle-eyed detail: “the eye is gone!”

Zayn famously tattooed Gigi Hadid’s eyes on his chest, right below her heart, but now that the two are no longer a couple, the eyes have disappeared and the singer has inked her eyes with more details. The two co-parent their daughter Khai together.

Meanwhile, fans also noticed that Zayn was in his ‘active era’ with a bunch of new posts before deleting them all as they left several comments for Malik:

“You don’t even have to try to look that hot.”

“Zayn in his active era.”

“Am I seeing this correctly? Zayn Malik posted 2 pictures in one day. Plus he wrote a story. Is this a dream?”

Now that new music is coming, it’s certainly not a pipe dream as fans can’t wait to hear from Zayn himself, preferably on a song rather than through commentary.

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