Ye’s Donda Academy has an extensive list of “problems”.

Soon there will be as many lawsuits as number one hits. He is being sued the Donda Academy conditions. Here’s what’s wrong with it.

Donda Academy cannot code

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The blast broke exclusive details that West is being sued by former Christian Academy teachers who allege the private Christian school engaged in “unlawful educational practices” and numerous health and safety violations.

Two teachers are suing him and say in court documents that things were not right and that West was kind of weird. Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers tell similar stories about their experiences at the academy.

These include multiple health and safety violations and numerous “unlawful educational practices.” The violations were brought to the attention of principal Moira Love and the school principal at least three times, but nothing was done.

Many problems at Donda Academy

General view of the campus of the abandoned DONDA academy

More information is coming to light, and it appears that West has had some bizarre practices. He obtained the official complaint Radar Online says.

“In the middle of the main classroom, a skylight without glass left the rain inevitably falling directly in, where the water seeped into the floor, leading to a musty smell for days to come.”

In addition, “the skylight was intentionally made without glass because WEST expressed his distaste for glass.” The complaint comes from Isaiah Meadows, who had an unfortunate experience at the academy.

Meadow also claims Donda Academy had “severe wiring issues” that led to an electrical fire “exposing the wire near the student dining room where it was laid on the ground.”

Plumbing at the Donda Academy is a mess

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Unfortunately, it’s not just the lighting, the septic system was also said to be terrible. Apparently, a septic tank “overflows every other day and causes a terrible smell.”

When Meadows, a former deputy director called a meeting to express his concerns, “he was suspended due to concerns about calling meetings and running the school”, but was reinstated two weeks later at a lower salary.

The academy (Ye) was no longer paying the rent, which was not only a breach of contract with the academy and West, but also put Meadows in dire straits financially.

Did we mention he moved his entire young family to a new location to take on this one-time job?

Isiah Meadows was fired, by the way

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All this drama for Meadows to keep him out of a job. When he returned to the position, he began making further complaints about inconsistent pay and health and safety breaches against the academy before he was fired in August 2022, allegedly without cause.

In his lawsuit against West and the academy, the former assistant principal’s attorney cited other cases similar to his client’s from other former employees.

“The unlawful and retaliatory behavior of Mr. West and the school principals has now been repeatedly documented by other former employees who never even worked together, but all experienced the same appalling treatment and the same serious breach of health, safety and education laws. they have all been subjected to the same fate – wrongful termination – and we plan to hold them accountable.”

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