‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Credits: What Does It Mean?

The TV tradition of opening credits may be dying out in some corners, but it’s alive and well on “Yellowcoats” (unlike many characters who survived the show’s initial plane crash).

The Showtime drama has updated its Season 2 trailer, offering a sneak peek at upcoming episodes and new cast members Simone Kessell and Lauren Ambrose. Many shots remain the same; stock footage of teen athletes and parties, the silhouette of the Queen of Antlers and, of course, the iconic shot of Jackie (Ella Purnell) running her finger down her throat — but the changes and additions will provide plenty for “Yellowjackets” fans.

For starters, this is the comment – which quickly turns into a checker from a deck of cards that looks like someone is about to set it on fire. This happens when Lauren Ambrose’s name is on the screen, followed by a figure in red (grown up Lottie??) holding a large hunting knife.

Close up of a paper with words "I am thankful for my friends" by handwriting;  still from it "Yellow jackets"

Who wrote “I’m thankful for my friends” – and who’s reading it?


This is not the only knife in the long run; another comes after a shot of Taissa as an adult, staring menacingly at her reflection in the mirror – is this a reference to her sleepwalker alter ego? Either that or he’s just in a terrible mood and takes it out on the vanity.

Everything is interspersed with close-ups of eyes, hair, and fingernails (the only part of a person you can’t eat??), as well as seemingly out-of-control shadowy figures clutching their heads. Only one of these seems like a definitive shot from the show, as Kessell grabs her head and shows that grown-up Lottie isn’t as peaceful in the present as she’d like us to think.

Many of the shots come from the premiere episode itself, including the map that Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) and Coach Scott (Steven Kreuger) are working on, and the animal masks that are revealed to be Lottie’s followers. But the Season 1 credits were a mystery until the finale, such as the faceless man in the background of Jackie’s death hallucination. If there’s a Season 2 equivalent, it’s this:

A silhouetted figure with a sharp, beak-like nose smoking a cigarette;  still from it "Yellow jackets" Season 2 opening credits.

That’s a big no.


Who is the hook-nosed figure and why do they look so… filthy? Where did they get cigarettes if this is the ’90s and if this is today, they better get off the habit!

Another element of these films is the mysterious symbol from the forest, seen on the necklaces of Lottie’s followers in Part 1 and carved into a tree in a scene that has yet to happen. At one point it appears to be laid out in a row on many papers. There’s also a heart that evokes Lottie’s bear sacrifice in the wilderness and Taissa’s (Tawny Cypress) basement altar (RIP Biscuit). The theme of blood sacrifice is strong, as seen with Lottie’s protective tea in the first episode, and the films show their palms being deliberately cut up in close-ups – and whatever that is:



Interestingly, the later part of the title sequence switches the aspect ratio in parts, which immediately calls into question the significance of these moments. There are full-screen shots of Ambrose and Juliette Lewis, but also regular 4:3 shots of them and the other grown-up Yellowjackets, which means it’s not just a time difference. At least one of the wider shots is of an unidentifiable person – maybe one of the unimportant interstitials, or maybe someone important:

Close-up silhouette of a girl's head, face unidentifiable;  still from it "Yellow jackets" Season 2 opening credits.

Shauna? Please be Shauna. Please be friendly.

Images of animals also appear, with the masks, but also with a tethered farm animal and an animal that looks like a wolf (please, be from season 1 or be from season 1). Everything is covered in snow, in case anyone missed the winter reminder.

Sadly, Ember With No Eyes is prominently featured towards the end, this time in the wilderness (and in 16:9). There’s also a picture of the Yellowjackets looking like they’re about to go to war – but are they the right age? This sure looks like Jasmin Savoy Brown and Melanie Lynskey, who shouldn’t be sharing a scene together unless it’s a hallucination (and to be fair, Season 2 loves those) — but the next shot is definitely Sophie Nélisse.

A group of women dressed for cold weather rush forward with weapons;  still from it "Yellow jackets"

Ready to attack – hopefully a big deer!!


Coach Scott is a sweet, sweet close-up, which is devastating because there is nothing sweet or sweet about this show, and it’s definitely doomed. He appears to be bedridden (injury?!) and smiles like a dying grandparent telling the family that they lived a full life and are proud of everyone. However, Coach is at least present in the image of everyone standing in a circle and looking down on something or someone – so no matter what horrible milestones they reach. Worth noting: This footage is mirrored in the first episode, where Lottie’s followers gather around the man buried alive. Not good!

Finally, we get clips of the teenage Yellowjackets talking about their hunger. I don’t know what Nat is eating here, but what is over/under this actual food? Put it down, Nat!

A teenage girl is dressed in layers outside in the snow, eating something unidentifiable;  still from it "Yellow jackets"

Don’t do it, Nat!


And then there’s Misty (Samantha Hanratty), dear Misty, who practically won’t eat because she’s licking, licking blood off her hand, which is also splattered on her face and around her mouth. Looks like he’s enjoying the hell out of it no matter what (anyone??).

Close-up of a teenage girl with curly blonde hair and glasses licking blood off her hands as it splashes onto her glasses and face;  still from it "Yellow jackets"

New episodes of “Yellowjackets” air Fridays on streaming and Sundays on air.

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