Woman Sues NutriBullet For Severe Injuries From Blender Explosion

NutriBullet, a famous blender brand, is embroiled in a legal battle with a female customer who claimed she endured severe burns after the product exploded.

According to court documents, obtained by The Blast, the aggrieved woman is suing Nutribullet for negligence, strict liability – failure to warn/manufacturing and design defects, and demanding money for her injuries.

The woman claims the company knows the NutriBullet is flawed and created a scalding not liquid that burned her face.

Nutribullet Sued After Woman Claims It Exploded In Her Face

In the filing, the woman alleges that got injured while using her NutriBullet on November 24, 2022. She claimed that she used the equipment under the right conditions, ensuring that all her ingredients were cold or room temperature and placed into the canister below the max fill line.

However, she noticed that the blender was running for more time than usual and decided to pull the plug. The woman claims she proceeded to let the machine sit for 30 seconds before she removed the canister. Unfortunately, what happened afterward wasn’t pleasant.

Immediately she removed the canister from the motor base and turned it right-side up the canister exploded “spraying scalding hot contents on Plaintiff’s arms, torso, and chin.” Following the explosion, she claimed that she visited West Point Medical Center in Fontana, California for urgent care and Cucamonga Valley Medical Group.

She claims the incident resulted in severe injuries that left her with “a great deal of pain and suffering, as well as residual and likely permanent scaring.”

In the lawsuit, the person claims that Nutribullet was aware that its product caused injuries to its users for quite a while but never tried to inform its customers of the risks.

“Defendants have been aware of the dangers and risk of injuries to its users caused by NutriBullet blenders since at least 2011, but no later than at least August 2014, specifically. that the blade assembly can forcefully separate from the canister, and that the canister can explode, both when it is affixed to the base and when it is not affixed to the base,” the document read.

She alleges that the danger associated with using Nutribullet blender was caused by a “defective closed canister design and defective materials used in the canisters” among other factors. Adding,  “The canister design and materials defects are the same or substantially similar across the entire NutriBuller blender product line.”

Nutribullet could have “issued warnings;” “changed the defective design;” or “recalled the NutriBullet blenders” to prevent the type of injuries that happened to her, she points out.  However, due to their negligence, she is suing for over $25,000.

The injured customer, whose name we choose not to share, is seeking special damages “including but not limited to, reimbursement of medical and other related bills, future medical bills, and the reasonable value of the loss of household services.”

She says the damages “including but not limited to, damages for pain, suffering. anguish, discomfort, severe emotional distress, disgust, terror, fright, anger, anxiety, worry, nervousness, shock, anguish, and mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of ability to engage in normal and customary activities, loss of comfort, society, care, and companionship.”

She is also demanding that Nutribullet reasonably cover the costs of attorney fees as well as special damages in a sum according to proof at the time of trial.

In the end, she wants NutriBullet to issue a “notice about the inherent dangers of NutriBullet blenders and adequate warnings which will prevent future injuries through its advertising.”

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