Woman Files Lawsuit Against Disney Over Monorail Incident

A woman is now suing The Walt Disney Company after being involved in an incident that led her to get “trapped” inside the Monorail doors.

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Disney

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Disney After Being Stuck In Monorail

According to the new lawsuit, the incident occurred on March 24, 2023. Rebecca Vanturini was in “excruciating pain being stuck between the monorail doors for a few minutes,” per the lawsuit. “About five male guests tried to pry her loose from the monorail doors and eventually got her out.”

The lawsuit also stated that Disney’s “Cast Members did not help in any way”, adding the “monorail captain got on the intercom and stated there was a malfunction and the monorail would be shut down to restart the system immediately.”

The three-page Orange County lawsuit also stated that Vanturini had “a permanent injury to her body”, though further details were not stated. The lawsuit also does not mention how the Monorail malfunctioned.

Rebecca Vanturini is suing for more than $50,000.

Other Lawsuits Filed Against Disney

Man Sues Disney For $50k After Falling Off Haunted Mansion Ride

This is by far the first lawsuit to be filed against Disney recently. Last month, The Blast reported a lawsuit from a man from Orange County, Florida, who is seeking $50,000 in damages after he fell out of the Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney World.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday morning according to reports, states that in April, a man was trying to get onto the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World when an employee reportedly hit the emergency stop button, causing the ride to jolt and come to a complete stop. The man says this caused him to fall off of the ride, per the lawsuit.

When boarding Haunted Mansion, Guests must first step onto a moving platform, and then into the ride vehicle. According to the lawsuit, the man’s wife was already in the ride vehicle, and he was trying to join her when the ride came to a halting stop, causing him to fall.

According to the lawsuit, the man says he has suffered “severe and permanent injuries” due to the fall, and as a result, he is seeking over $50,000 in compensation.

Additionally, The Blast recently reported a former Walt Disney World Cast Member who filed a lawsuit against the company after she claimed they failed to accommodate her disability, and then retaliated by cutting her hours.

Morgan Schoepfer, 23, worked in World of Disney, which is a giant Disney retail store located in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. The 23-year-old has been diagnosed with multiple different health issues, including cerebral palsy, Crohn’s disease, Gastroparesis and Colonic Dysmotility.

Schoepfer is now filing a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company after she claims they did not accommodate her disability, which then led the company to retaliate against her by cutting her hours and ultimately fired.

In order to help alleviate some of the symptoms that come with these health issues, Schoepfer said she requested to sit in a chair to rest every 30 minutes, which she says could be possible if she worked at the cash register inside of the store. Other accommodations that the 23-year-old requested, per the lawsuit, included not lifting anything above 10 pounds due to her cerebral palsy diagnosis as it can affect her balance, access to the bathrooms due to her Colonic Dysmotility diagnosis, and not handling open food or cleaning the bathroom.

However, the lawsuit goes on to claim that The Walt Disney Company did not comply or work with her to ensure these accommodations could be met, and the managers at the store did not take her complaints seriously.

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