Willie Geist calls Al Roker heart and soul after returning to show

Like many fans of the “TODAY” show and his fellow hosts, Willie Geist is excited for Al Roker’s return to work!

The weather forecaster, who had been out of service for some time due to serious health reasons, was greatly missed by the audience and his colleagues. So it was no surprise when the journalist spoke emotionally about his older colleague, expressing his relief at being cleared by his medical team and returning to his place on the air.

Willie Geist Celebrates Al Roker as “The Heart and Soul of the Show”

Willie Geist arrives at the National Board of Review in New York

The 47-year-old “Sunday Today With Willie Geist” host is thrilled to have Roker back on the show along with everyone else, he said during a chat with “ET’s” Rachel Smith.

While hosting the “National Review Board,” he talked about the 68-year-old’s recent health struggles and how much he means to them. He told Smith“Al means a lot to all of us. I could get emotions, but I won’t, maybe I will. He is much more than our professional role model.”

The TV personality revealed that he looks up to him as a role model as a father, husband and how to be a great professional, adding: “They’re all grounded.” He went on to express his relief that the old weatherman is now in good health and that he and the whole country are happy to have him back on screen as he has been missed.

Al Roker's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Al Roker

Geist called her “the heart and soul of the show” and noted that she didn’t realize how critical her condition was until her doctors told her. In his belt words:

“Honestly, it wasn’t until Friday when they played the part where his doctors spoke. Al always brings positivity and light… It was serious business.”

Known as an integral part of the Today show, it was incredibly worrying for fans and especially his colleagues when it was reported that the elderly journalist had been rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening health risk related to blood and lung clots.

Due to the many surgeries he had to go through, he missed many broadcasts of the “TODAY” show, especially the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” and “the annual Christmas tree lighting” at Rockefeller Center, which he had already attended. has been part of it for years.

Al Roker's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Al Roker

Roker, who has since returned to the show, went on air with his wife, Deborah Roberts, where they shared details about the severity of his condition. By going to his Instagram pagepublished it pictures about himself and his lady along with the other presenters.

On the slides, they looked healthy, all sitting on a couch, laughing and generally having a good time. She captioned it: “Can’t thank @debrobertsabc enough for getting me through this health crisis. And now that he’s here on the @todayshow , maybe he’ll stay? Just kidding!!!”

In another commentthe actor proved he was back as he stood by the screen in a blue suit and handled the weather forecast. On the next slide, sitting at a table, her three co-hosts chatted while her caption read, “Good to be back!! I love being here on the @todayshow with my TV family.”

Another set pictures shared it it was a carousel in which the author greeted fans who were equally excited to see him. Some held up cardboards with his face on them, while others wrote greeting messages as they all brought out their phones to take selfies with him.

Al Roker's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Al Roker

While walking around in a suit and matching blue hat, the ‘Cloudy, Meatballs Chance’ star commented in the caption: ‘Boy I missed my #ownpeople at the @todayshow plaza. Thanks for all the love.”

‘Another World’ guest star advises fans to stay indoors amid heavy snowfall

Before the Christmas celebration, “Mai’s” favorite weatherman presented his followers with a thoughtful gift. Despite spending some time recovering from hospitalization, The Blast noted that the voice actor took the time to offer a hint of what to expect from the threatening weather.

He started by showing how heavy the snow fell on a reel on his Instagram page. It featured a grid where half of the video depicted Roker’s outdoor yard filled with snow, drawing his fans’ attention to the trees covered in white.

The lower half contrasted with the upper, as this section presented the room next to the fireplace, which radiated a warm, soothing glow. She captioned it: “Starting to look like #Christmas but please take your time to get where you need to be. Sometimes, if possible, delaying and waiting is the way to go.”

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