William H. Macy Sued for $600,000 by Neighbor Accused of Killing His Trees

William H. Macy accused of trespassing on his neighbor’s property to “kill” more trees and now being sued for $600,000.

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast, the famous actor won’t be brought back to court until just a few years later. embroiled in the university admissions scandal.

William H. Macy is said to have cut down the wrong trees

William H Macy saw him making a trip to the hardware store for the Home project

In the new filing, the actor’s neighbor in Los Angeles claims in December 2021 that the “Shameless” star hired some workers to help him remove several trees on his property. The chainsaw happy cutters reportedly took their jobs a little too seriously, overcutting and felling several trees that weren’t Macy’s property.

Neighbor Pierce Brown says he was out of town at the time and was unable to stop workers from cutting down trees, bushes and foliage on his private property.

Returning home from vacation, he says that he witnessed the destruction.

The lawsuit states, “Macy’s workers subsequently destroyed and removed or severely damaged several healthy, decades-old mature pine trees and other vegetation on the Brown property. Pine trees and other vegetation were well within the Brown Property line. Once inside the Brown property, Macy’s workers damaged the gate connecting the two properties.”

William H. Macy Macy arrives at the Los Angeles Federal Detention Center, where Felicity Huffman is currently being held along with others for alleged college fraud.

THE Boogie Nights The actor apparently acknowledged the work done, but Brown believed it was intentional, despite his famous neighbor calling it an honest accident.

— Defendant Macy came to Brown’s door to discuss the condition of Brown’s hillside. “Macy admitted that his workers entered the Brown Property without permission and destroyed, removed and damaged the Brown’s trees and vegetation,” according to court papers.

Still, Brown states, “In the ownership, possession, and control of the Macy property, without consent or authority, and against (Brown’s) will, Macy knowingly and intentionally directed its workers to enter the Brown property to destroy it. and remove several large mature pine trees as well as other vegetation from the brown property.”

This sounds like an episode of Neighborhood Wars on Investigation Discovery.

‘Shameless’ Star’s Neighbor Sues Her For Over $600,000!

Actress Felicity Huffman, bribery scandal

Macy’s neighbor completely knocked it over, claiming that the trees were “killed” and that it messed up the whole yard.

He wrote: “The actions of Macy and his workers destabilized the hillside by killing the trees and vegetation, thereby killing the root systems of the trees and vegetation that helped stabilize the hillside. The defendants further damaged the gate connecting the two properties.”

Brown is concerned that property values ​​will drop, saying, “Macy’s and the other defendants’ conduct has also caused Brown loss of property value, loss of use and enjoyment, loss of privacy, and increased noise. as emotional distress, irritation, annoyance and discomfort.”

Finally, Brown claims that it has “suffered damages as it is now compelled to incur considerable expense to restore the stability of the hillside lost by the destruction of Brown’s pine trees and other vegetation (Macy).”

William H. Macy is being sued for “insult, negligence, and personal injury” — and the neighbor is seeking a minimum of $600,000!

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