Why did Lily-Rose Depp avoid the weekend on the set of ‘The Idol’?

Lily-Rose Depp he shared with her the details of his time on set The Weeknd. The duo recently starred in a new explicit show, “The Idol,” produced by “Euphoria” filmmaker Sam Levinson.

In a recent interview, Depp shared that he avoided his co-star when he became completely immersed in his character on the show.

The actress recently came under fire for her character’s nudity in ‘The Idol’, which she later defended during a press interview at the Cannes Film Festival.

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“I’d get away from it”

Lily-Rose Depp revealed why she skipped the weekend filming 'The Idol'

In an interview Entertainment WeeklyDepp opened up about his relationship with Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, with whom he starred in the movie “The Idol.”

He shared that he often avoids being in the same space with the Grammy winner when he gets into “her zone.”

“I don’t think anybody went full method — nobody lost their minds,” Depp told the news outlet on Friday. People.

He added: “Well, sometimes when Abel gets to — I don’t want to give too much away about where Abel’s character goes, but sometimes when he was in full Tedros mode, I avoided him. I’d say, “You’re in your zone now.”

Depp noted that the atmosphere on set was generally “light”, which helped the cast cope with the emotional and difficult nature of the film.

He said: “We laughed a lot, listened to a lot of music and danced, and that kind of energy is what made the harder moments easier and possible.”

Lily-Rose Depp cheats for steamy scenes in ‘The Idol’

Lily-Rose Depp

“The Idol” recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and received a five-minute standing ovation from attendees. However, it faced criticism from the outside for its raunchy content, and it’s all Depp’s fault.

“Rarely a scene goes by without the camera flashing her breasts or a**,” the review reads. The Hollywood Reporter said of Depp’s character, Jocelyn. It continued: “You start to wonder if it’s going to build to anything, and based on the second episode, it’s looking likely that it probably won’t.”

Another scathing review described the show as a “Pornhub-homepage odyssey”, while another claimed that Depp’s explicit scenes were not the kind of content that should be playing at Cannes.

Lily-Rose Depp defends her character’s ‘nakedness’.

Lily-Rose Depp

Following the backlash, the actress came out to defend her character’s “bareness”, saying it was a key part of her personality as a “born and bred entertainer”.

Depp said about Jocelyn, per Daily Mail, “’The way you dress, for example, is that you’re constantly trying to say something… or express yourself in some way. I also think that the character’s bareness at times is a physical reflection of the bareness we see in him emotionally.”

Depp also noted that he was “deeply involved in the creation of this character and the ins and outs of how he expresses himself.”

Series producer Sam Levinson confirmed his claims while speaking in Cannes after the premiere.

At the time, she shared that she and Depp had “a lot of discussions” about “who Jocelyn is as a person,” adding that the character has “such a strong sense of self and a strong sense of sexuality.”

‘The Idol’ has previously been criticized for being ‘toxic’

The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Sam Levinson

In addition to Depp being slammed for his character’s “bareness,” rumors surfaced that the show’s set was “toxic” back in March. Levinson was also accused of showing excessive nudity, sex, and violence on the show for exploitative reasons.

But Depp denied the rumours, saying Levinson was “the best director I’ve ever worked with” for “so many reasons”.

He added, per Page six“I’ve never felt more supported or respected in a creative space, and my opinion and impression were more valued.”

“Working with Sam is a true collaboration in every way – what’s most important to him is not just what his actors think of the work, but also how we feel during the performance.”

Depp also praised Levinson for just “creating an environment” where he was “seen, heard and appreciated.”

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