Why did Jessica Simpson once feel like a call girl?

Singer, actor, wife, writer and mother Jessica Simpson has released another juicy tidbit from her life, and this time you’ll have to head over to Amazon to read about it.

He wrote a short story entitled Movie star: They always say they’re single was released on February 1, where she recalls a hot affair with an A-list movie star. But why did she feel like a call girl? Scroll down to find out more and who the movie star could be…

Jessica Simpson wrote a “wild story” for her fans

Jessica Simpson reveals juicy details about her secret affair with a movie star
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

On Feb. 1, Jessica Simpson, 42, took to Instagram to ask her fans a question, asking, “Do you want to hear a pretty wild story?”

No fan would say no to that, and Simpson continued after the poetic question. “Well, I found some words that were locked in a secret journal that I didn’t think I’d open again.” During the filming of the Open Book pilot, I recalled my experiences in the mid-2000s…”

The mother of three delved into her past, back when she was in her mid-twenties, kissing frogs to find her prince. Simpson continued: “After a divorce in my mid-20s and all the frogs on my dream list to kiss in hopes of finding a prince. Only my closest and most loyal circle of friends have heard this story, which I share with anyone who needs an ear for a good girlfriend story-telling, tied with a self-esteem bow, Movie Star – they always say they’re alone on Amazon today. Original stories. A fantasy-turned-reality romance has gone awry, to say the least.”

The same, according to Simpson, is listed, read or listened to for free at www.Amazon.com/MovieStar, but only if you have a Prime membership.

Not everyone was on the same page, with one comment apparently saying: “Well, unfortunately you can’t read or listen for free. I just checked and they want you to pay for this book. Bad publicity here.”

Here is the post:

Here’s What Made Jessica Simpson Feel Like a ‘Call Girl’

Jessica Simpson has revealed that her secret affair with a movie star left her feeling like a call girl
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

In her essay, Simpson revisited a chapter in her life, back when she was involved in a hot but secret affair with an A-list movie star. At the time, she and Nick Lachey were on a break, and she met the said megastar at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. In the short essay, Simpson writes, “This megastar, who I grew up thinking was so hot, was looking up and down. It was as if he undressed me with his eyes.”

Sparks may have flown at the time, but nothing really happened. They later ran into a gym in Los Angeles again, and she offered to work with him in an undisclosed music video. While the said star was making “millions and millions per film,” he offered her, “You can be my lead.”

The star reached out to Simpson, but by then she and Lachey were back together. Soon after, Simpson married Lachey, but when the marriage broke up, the secret affair began. In her essay, Simpson wrote that she and the movie star kissed at the Beverly Hills Hotel and everything seemed perfect: “I felt this heat rush down my body to the tips of my toes in my wedges.”

But after the spell ended, he spotted a picture of him with another woman on the red carpet. Her mystery man assured her that he only wanted her, telling Simpson: “You’re the only girl I want to be with. You are that.”

Fans wonder who the movie star was

Jessica Simpson has revealed that her secret affair with a movie star left her feeling like a call girl
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

When this chick made him sneak up the fire escape to his hotel room, and then annoyed that they didn’t jump into bed right away, Simpson felt let down. She wrote: “Yes, there was something sexy and seductive about it all, but there was also something humiliating about it. I felt like a call girl.”

She also wrote: “I didn’t care if my teenage fantasy came to life, it wasn’t a choice that the same girl, my younger self, would be proud of.” The affair ended when Jessica left the next morning while the actor was on set, later calling her a “cry”.

Everyone on Instagram wanted to know who the guy was, and a lot of names were thrown around. Last time we counted them: Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper and even Tom Cruise. But the only name mentioned more than once was Marky Mark, as in Mark Wahlberg!

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