“Whose Turn Anyway” characters asking where the “fair compensation” is.

“We’ve never had residuals for a show that’s been around the world since the beginning,” cast member Colin Mochrie said of the improv series, citing “annoying” rumors that it’s coming to HBO Max.

“Whose turn is it anyway?” its characters ask a more important question: Where are the salaries?

Original star Colin Mochrie, who appeared in more than 50 episodes of the debut British sketch improv series before co-founding the US version alongside Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and showrunner Drew Carey, revealed that the actors “ they never got leftovers” from the long-running series. series.

Mochrie’s UK performances took place between 1991 and 1999; the American secession began in 1998 and lasted for five years. From 2005 to 2007, ABC Family played previously unaired content, despite no new episodes being filmed. “Whose line is it anyway?” In 2013, it was picked up by The CW with Aisha Tyler as host. Mochrie he tweeted that the show will end with its 20th season this year, despite The CW calling the announcement “not accurate.”

“Everyone on the show — producers and actors — call it the last shot,” Mochrie explained. Vulture. “The short answer is, if it comes back, it probably won’t be with this cast. It has a complicated relationship with the show. The characters love each other and the actual filming is always fun. We are all grateful that the show gave us a showcase and we were able to tour. The downside is that we were never fairly compensated for the success of the show.”

Mochrie continued: “We provide the content, but we don’t get paid as ‘writers’. We’ve never gotten leftovers from a show that’s been shown worldwide since its inception. Announcements about selling to an overseas show or HBO Max can be irritating.”

The comedian added: “I hope it doesn’t sound bitter because I learned a long time ago that this business isn’t fair and being bitter doesn’t get you anywhere. I also find it strange that the show is publicized through our social media. Every day there’s a tweet: “Guys, bring that show back!” Every season for the past nine years, we’ve had to remind people that we’re just getting started. So the short answer is that this is currently the last season with this cast. The longer, more obscure answer is that it’s like the mob: it keeps pulling us back, so who knows?

Mochrie joked: “I often get offers that always start with ‘We don’t have the money.’ And those are the things I find most interesting.”

Mochrie too he tweeted In November 2022, ‘Whose Line’ may continue as ‘there’s always room for new casting’, while the original star tour “in various incarnations.”

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