Whoopi Goldberg stunned ‘The View’ co-hosts with Walking Off Filming

Tuesday’s “The view”, an unexpected moment happened when Whoopi Goldberg he suddenly walked off the set, during a heated argument with his co-hosts for approx Miranda Lambertviral video.

The country singer recently made news for calling out fans who chose to take selfies during her recent concert instead of focusing on her performance.

Lambert was also criticized for not apologizing to fans for her outburst in a later post she wrote about caring for animals.

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Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin argue on “The View.”

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On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Goldberg behaved in an unlikely manner walks off the set in the midst of an argument with his co-hosts.

The controversy revolved around a viral video of Miranda Lambert expressing her frustration with fans taking selfies during her concert in Las Vegas.

After reviewing the viral video, Sunny Hostin pitched his tent with concertgoers, defending their right to take as many selfies as they want, especially given the high cost of the show. Hostin even stated that he would have done the same in their place.

Goldberg, however, had a different perspective, explaining that attending a performance means being immersed in the performance.

“You know what? Stay home. If you’re going to spend $750 to come to my concert, give me the respect to watch me do my thing, or don’t come,” Goldberg responded.

Whoopi Goldberg walks off the set to prove a point

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After Goldberg’s response, Hostin went on to explain why he wanted to take snapshots when he goes to a show.

“Maybe I want to play again,” the 54-year-old said, hinting that he wanted to do it to get memorable comebacks. He added: “Maybe I want the picture and I want the music in the background.”

Goldberg, seemingly annoyed by the back-and-forth, remarked loudly, “I’m leaving you guys!” He then abruptly leaves his seat and his bewildered co-hosts question his actions.

In a playful attempt to get his point across, he approached an audience member and asked for a snapshot together just before the performance broke.

Goldberg said, “I want to take a picture with this wonderful woman who is 91 years old. So we take a selfie. Only you and me. Will you press that button?”

Fans react to Miranda Lambert’s challenge to concertgoers

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Lambert’s call outs to certain contestants on the show drew mixed reactions from fans online. Several people expressed their displeasure, criticizing the singer for trying to dictate what her audience can and cannot do during her performances.

“Are you going to call people to go to the bathroom?” This was so unnecessary… if I pay… I take as many pictures as I want,” one person commented.

“I mean, if they’re having a good time, taking pictures (to look back on) and not bothering anyone — why worry about it,” said a second fan.

Others vowed to leave the concert if they were in the shoes of Lambert.

“I would have gone and disputed the ticket charges on my card. if I paid to be there, I spend how I want,” someone else commented.

“I feel like everyone should have left at that sad moment,” another person commented.

Miranda faced even more criticism

Recently, Lambert faced further criticism from online users after she posted about caring for animals while not yet addressing her actions at her concert.

The singer, who is also an avid animal rights activist, uploaded a picture of herself wearing a shirt with the quote: “I need balls…for spaying and neutering pets!”

Lambert doubled down on the caption, asking fans to click the link to “find out why it matters” and buy their own t-shirts.

Fans found the post insensitive and some creatively used the words in her caption to troll the singer.

One commented: “How about you tone down your nasty attitude towards your fans?” while another put it this way: “It takes not apologizing or not seeing a problem with your actions.”

A third person wrote: “This girl takes a selfie when she should be apologizing and it really pisses me off.”

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