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Everyone has a theory about it that moment between Daphne (Meghann Fahy) and Ethan (Will Sharpe) in the finale of “The White Lotus,” when a reeling Ethan tells Daphne that he thinks their spouses are secretly dating.

As fans of the HBO drama well know, Daphne invites Ethan to a remote island to… have sex? Do they confess all their sins? Just go spelunking!? The ambiguity became a hot topic at the water cooler immediately after the broadcast, but two people who didn’t overanalyze the moment were Fahy and Sharpe himself.

“I was kind of surprised by how much (fans) were asking about that moment and the details of what happened, because I don’t think we talked about it at all,” Sharpe told Fahy, per IndieWire. Awards in the Spotlight. “Something happened, I remember arriving at the venue, rehearsing that day, the feeling and the weird mysticism, and we got to ‘Well, something happened.’ Obviously.’ But not exactly what happened. But that’s what I love about the way this series ends for the four of us: there’s a lot of ambiguity.”

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“I’ve always seen that Daphne scene as a moment of compassion,” Fahy said. “It’s a strange sympathy, but I never thought it was motivated by malice or malice. … He saw a sad, broken man and wanted to do something to help. So he takes her to an island and god knows what she does!

“The White Lotus”

The two actors have been together all season as part of a very WTF foursome, but their moment on the beach was the first time the two shared a scene together — and it was a mess. After Sharpe drops this emotional bombshell, Fahy must go through all five stages of grief in the space of a few long seconds.

“I remember thinking Will is the best listener ever because I talk for a while,” Fahy noted with a laugh. “… I’m not great at rehearsal, or at least I didn’t feel like it for ‘White Lotus’. And that probably has to do with the way Mike (White) shoots things, but I’ve always felt that whatever feels natural when we’re doing it is going to be the best thing.”

Sharpe and Fahy noted that writer/director Mike White was definitely their partner, but the pair laughed off their doubts about how he could pull off such universally great performances.

“It’s really hard to describe what it’s like to work with Mike because he’s a special fish,” Sharpe said. “He presents himself as super laid-back and it’s all just random, but he’s also secretly a master of precision and detail, and he’s completely in control. … In a good way. You feel like you are in really safe hands.”

“I totally agree,” Fahy said. “It feels like this perfect marriage is ‘you can do whatever you want,’ but you also know without a doubt that you know exactly what you want and you’re going to figure out how to get it.”

“He doesn’t like to talk too much,” Sharpe continued. “Sometimes it creates a slight sense of tension and not everyone knows 100 percent where they are. HE you know where this is going, but you are everyone tries to solve it together. I feel like that’s part of the secret ingredient to ‘The White Lotus’, that sense of tension. Everyone is a little bit on edge all the time… It brings something out of us. I don’t know exactly how he does it, but it was interesting.”

Watch Fahy and Sharpe’s full Awards Spotlight chat in the video above.

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