What Type of Girlfriend is Each Zodiac Sign?

What Type of Girlfriend is Each Zodiac Sign?

We are going to check in on how the women of each zodiac sign do in a relationship.

Gemini woman: The Butterfly

Zodiac Sign

Yes, that insect. Why? Because just like the butterfly, Gemini do not like being in one place for very long.

“They don’t have the best attention span and get bored very easily.”

Geminis can also be very forgetful. This is a woman who will promise to meet you at 7:30 PM sharp and then forget all about it.

“She is fickle and can be a little indecisive at times.”

So, if you are going to date this woman you will have to be VERY VERY PATIENT. You’ ll find many upsides of dating a Gemini too, they’re not clingy and believe that giving space to others is important.

“Gemini women are very witty and know how to keep their partner cheerful.”

Additionally, they also have excellent communication skills, which is why they excel in fields related to the media.

Gemini woman as a girlfriend

When you meet a person ruled by Mercury, you can expect them to be fun-loving and that is exactly how Gemini women are. A relationship with them will never be boring. Just like Gemini men, Gemini women are not necessarily the best sign when it comes to commitment.

Their tendency to get bored easily may cause them to stray or, in other words, you’ll have to work pretty hard to keep them interested. We would suggest that you go slow with this sign as you could overwhelm them. If you end up in a relationship, you’ll discover they are very interesting and intelligent individuals.

Aries woman: The Impulsive Protagonist

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Similar to their male counterparts, Aries women are natural-born leaders. Their drive for success rivals that of a Scorpio and their charisma is almost on the same level as a Leo.

Ruled by Mars, Aries women are very enthusiastic and energetic. They are extremely positive individuals and know how to talk their way out of trouble. Their motto for life is, “Carpe Diem”.

On the downside, Aries women can be a bit too impulsive at times and may jump into things without thinking them through. They are also known to be short-tempered and a little bit childish.

Aries woman as a girlfriend

There are two things to remember when dating an Aries woman;

“First, you have to be worthy and second, they do not like to compromise.”

Aries women don’t like people who aren’t as motivated as they are. They see life as a gift and you need to educate yourself on how to cherish it. So, if you are going through a rough patch and feeling a little bit demotivated then get ready to be pushed.

If she finds it necessary, she’ll coach you until you are back to being your old, positive self again. She sounds like the perfect partner, right? We wouldn’t go that far just yet. As we mentioned earlier, Aries women can be impulsive and they may jump into a relationship too quickly.

This can often lead to misunderstandings and heartbreaks for both parties. So, what we suggest is that you take things slow with this woman and make your intentions clear. Learn to be patient and reason with her when she goes into impulsive mode. Yes, you may have to be her voice of reason, but in return, you’re getting a girlfriend who will be fiercely loyal and protective of you.

Cancer woman: The SuperWoman

Zodiac Sign

A Cancer woman has the tenacity of a Scorpio, the intelligence of a Virgo and the leadership skills of an Aries. Need help with your assignment? Call the Cancer woman. Too tired to make dinner after a long day of work? Call the Cancer woman.

Cancers are cute, they may know all the words to your favorite song and are one of the best zodiac signs to handle a crisis.

“A Cancer woman’s capability to stay calm under pressure makes her one of the greatest allies you can have.” “Cancers are prone to emotional outbursts and mood swings though”

So yeah, tread lightly when you are dealing with this sign.

Cancer woman as a girlfriend

This lady has very high expectations when it comes to choosing a partner. Ruled by the moon, she is a dreamer and loves to work hard to turn them into reality. Once committed, she will be a loyal and devoted partner. Be prepared for a lot of changes in life though, relationships are never about just two people with a Cancer.

She will bring you into her family, her friends’ circle and she might even consider opening a joint bank account with you. Sounds sweet, right?

It will be for the first few months but then you realize that she is a bit clingy. While she is pragmatic enough to keep her mood swings away from you her clinginess is something that might need some work. Although as she learns to trust you, this clingliness will subside.

“In love, a cancer woman displays the same amount of intensity and passion as a Scorpio man.”

Perhaps, this is why many astrologers believe that Scorpio and Cancer are a perfect power couple.

Taurus woman: Miss All or Nothing

Taurus woman: Miss All or Nothing

Ruled by Venus, Taurus women are known for their grace, charm, and determination. They are hardworking and ambitious. So, if they set their eyes on a goal, they go all in to achieve it. That is the Taurus way of getting things done.

Unfortunately though, they want everything to be done their way. If they want to have pizza for dinner then they will. They stick to their decisions, even if people try to convince them otherwise. Yes, a cow is just as stubborn as a bull.

Taurus woman as a girlfriend

Taurus women are extremely nurturing and will be your lighthouse when you are going through a rough storm in life. Considering their affiliation with Venus,

“it shouldn’t be a surprise that Taurus women are very sensual and romantic.”

Keep in mind though, they’re also very practical so if you want to date them then you’ll have to show that you bring value to their life. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a loyal partner for the rest of your life.

“Taurus women are big on commitment.”

To them, it is not a fairytale and if you can’t handle that then maybe you should look elsewhere. They do have a dark side too, Taurus women will either just fool around without any promises or be forever in love with you. There’s no middle ground with a Taurus. Don’t worry though, Taurus women are a bit more rational than Taurus men and if you can reason with them then you won’t have to deal with their horns.

Virgo woman: The Boss

Virgo woman: The Boss

Almost everybody misbehaves until they see the Virgo woman walk in, adjusting her glasses. “Virgos are very calculative and analytical” If they know you then they probably know everything about you like where you live, who’s your best friend, where you work and which credit card you use. Keep in mind they have a dark side and they fully embrace it.

“Virgo women usually prefer the pragmatic approach to life instead of the philosophical one.”

They like to understand how the world works, what are its driving mechanisms and what motivates people.

Even though they are brilliant at multitasking, they prefer to take it one project at a time. On the downside, they get nervous easily. Anything that is random or out of the box can ring the alarm and cause them to panic.

Virgo woman as a girlfriend

She is not necessarily the most romantic zodiac sign, but if she’s dating you then she probably has a good grasp on what you like.

“A Virgo woman in a relationship may be a bit nervous initially so try to be patient with her.”

Once she starts getting the hang of it though, you’ll see a side to her that you didn’t know existed. Virgo women are usually like onions when you peel off a layer, there are many more layers waiting to be discovered. Be warned as Virgos are known to stalk their partners.

So, while it may be cute that they helped you win an online argument, you might want to think about how they got to know that you were in that discussion in the first place. Yes, they may have an eye on you at all times.