What Is ‘1000-LB Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton’s Ultimate ‘Worst Fear’?

Tammy Slaton has highlighted some of her “worst fears” for her fans!

In her latest social media post, the “1000-Lb Sisters” star took up a trending challenge where she confirmed — and denied — which things she feared the most. This update is a break from her usual routine of showing off her new body, which has significantly improved since she began taking her weight loss journey seriously.

Tammy Slaton’s Fears Don’t Outweigh The Fear She Has Of Herself

Since she lost over 300 pounds, Tammy has become more open with her fans, often uploading videos that allow her to show off her new trim figure. However, the reality television star took a step back from that content, opting instead to make a video set to Ivan Ooze’s “Ghosts” that highlighted her fears.

'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Praise Tammy Slaton's Progress In New Photos
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

For this post, the “1000-lb Sisters” star donned a comfy yellow long-sleeved hoodie that had a black-and-red Halloween ghost on its front and earrings shaped like sunflowers. She positioned the camera in her front as she sat down and watched the words, “Your Worst Fears,” transform into a slew of options flipping quickly atop her forehead.

When the randomized flips finally landed on “Spiders,” the TLC star nodded her head, agreeing that she feared the air-breathing eight-legged arthropods. The same couldn’t be said for “Clowns,” which Tammy confirmed that she had no fear of and “Heights,” which she only has a teeny-tiny fear of.

Despite being calm when the cards started flipping for the fourth time, Tammy soon got into her emotions as they landed on “Yourself.” The 37-year-old had scrunched up her face as if to break into tears and tactically covered her nose, proving that the TikTok trend struck a nerve and that her ultimate fear was of herself.

Weeks before she gave such an intimate insight into her life, Tammy had wowed fans with a clip of her in a black long-sleeved top, black-and-white leggings, and matching crocs. The footage, which initially focused on her face before she moved her phone away and placed it on a surface, saw her dancing for a second.

Reacting to the scene, one fan commented, “Well, look at you Tammy! You look incredible I’m so damn proud of your courage and strength ❣️❣️,” and another exclaiming, “Looking good Queen Tammy!” 

“Super proud of you, Tammy! You look amazing!” a third viewer gushed, as a fourth emphasized, “LOOK AT YOU LOOKING ALL FABULOUS & BEAUTIFUL 🥰🥰🥰,” and a fifth added, “WOW did it girl u look awesome 🙏💞.”

Tammy Slaton Has Taken The First Step Towards Restarting Her Love Life

@tammyslaton2020♬ Ghosts – Ivan Ooze

Earlier this month, The Blast observed that Tammy was ready to open a new chapter in her dating life, months after the death of her husband, Caleb Willingham. Her interest in pursuing a new relationship was recently confirmed through her profile on the Facebook Dating website. 

Her profile featured an adorable picture showcasing her slimmer physique, listing her height as 5’3, identifying her occupation as a YouTuber, and admitting to occasional smoking. She expressed her desire for “chatting, friendship, or a long-term relationship” through the dating site.

While her dating profile didn’t specify a preference for gender, it was previously revealed that the YouTuber has no problem dating both men and women. In fact, in August, a source close to Tammy not only disclosed her pansexuality, but also her interest in dating women, noting that she’s in her “bad b— era.”

The insider mentioned that the widow has been engaging with a few individuals but emphasized that nothing had developed into a serious relationship yet. Despite her decision to re-enter the dating scene shortly after her husband’s passing, the source attributed her comeback to the inspiration she found in her weight loss journey.

In other words, Tammy’s remarkable weight loss journey seemed to have boosted her self-confidence, leading her to showcase her transformed figure on a dating site. As the source stated back then, “Tammy has lost all of this weight, and she’s ready to get back out there.” As for her feelings about her late husband, the insider had also shared:

“Caleb passing away was hard for her, but they were already having problems, and she felt he didn’t have time for her. Tammy felt that he didn’t put effort into trying to move to Kentucky and get out of rehab to be with her.”

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