Wendy Williams is paying $25,000 for a concert after a health scare

Wendy Williams is not ready for a comeback!

The media personality has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, starting her career as a radio DJ before making her way to television with her award-winning show ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. However, the 58-year-old’s eponymous talk show was canceled due to several health issues.

Fans have been wondering when the mother-of-one might return after retiring from the spotlight to focus on her recovery. However, the New Jersey-born woman’s poor health continues to hinder her ability to work.

Wendy Williams is backing out of the show amid concerns about her well-being

The “Wendy’s Got the Heat” author is scheduled to speak at the Atlanta Women’s Expo this weekend. However, The TV personality reportedly canceled her appearance at the last minute as family and friends were extremely worried about her health.

Wendy Williams was not deleted!  Podcast and other ventures progress

Last month, the showrunners for the event were “Wendy Williams: What a Mess!” they teased the song. star participation in their program. The 58-year-old man was announced as the keynote speaker in a press release:

“Keynote speaker Wendy Williams, who will pioneer her three-decade career in entertainment and give a behind-the-scenes look at her inspiring journey on Life and the Pursuit of True Happiness on Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 1 p.m. .”

However, organizers have since removed Williams’ name from the Expo’s website, barring an image showing the list of scheduled speakers. A representative for the show also confirmed the host’s removal from their lineup, noting that a virtual apology had been made.

“There is a video from Wendy that will be played on Saturday, apologizing for the late cancellation,” the insider claimed. As for the Billboard Radio Award-winning team, a source said the media personality’s ill health was the reason for the last-minute change.

According to the insider he spoke to US Sunthe Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree’s management had been worried for weeks about whether she would be able to speak at the Atlanta Women’s Expo.

“There were questions about whether Wendy was well enough to do it, and some were pushing to bring her to Atlanta and put her on stage,” the insider revealed, adding that the situation was not conducive to The Hunter Foundation. -Creator.

“Wendy’s performance was rocky at best. One day he can string a sentence together, the next day he can’t,” lamented the source. The event reportedly planned to pay the host $25,000 for his appearance.

The insider’s claims match the narrative of the former talk show host’s younger brother, Thomas Williams Jr. The 54-year-old reportedly told the news agency in April that his sister was not in the best of hands.

Wendy Williams teases new podcast
Instagram | Wendy Williams

Thomas and his father joined the mother of one in Florida as she filmed her upcoming documentary. However, Wendy’s poor condition broke her brother’s heart. “This is not a woman in the right frame of mind to put on a show,” her brother declared.

Additionally, Thomas slammed her sister’s manager, Will Selby, for making the TV personality work when she was at her worst. “This guy Will is ponying up Wendy – ‘travel here, travel there, let’s go make this money and I don’t care if you’re smart because everyone knows who you are,'” the 54-year-old claimed. .

Friends of the former radio DJ were worried about who the new people would be in their lives

Williams’ situation is not the best, given the troubling pictures painted by her loved ones. In April, close friends of the broadcaster revealed they were worried about the new friends the 58-year-old held.

“Wendy doesn’t have many real friends, but the few that do come close are causing some concern for the people who really care about her,” a source explained, adding that those individuals seemed sketchy at best.

The ‘Think Like A Man’ actress was set to relocate from New York to Los Angeles after her highly anticipated podcast was cancelled. But the insider claimed the move left the People’s Choice Award nominee vulnerable to greedy hands.

Wendy Williams Out, Talk Show Announces New Lineup

With her expensive jewelry and purses lying around the house, her friends were worried about new people entering the media personality’s home without proper supervision.

“Wendy’s not in the best frame of mind, so unfortunately people are taking advantage of that,” the source lamented.

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