Wendy Williams Gets ‘Secret’ Account Amid Wells Fargo Drama

Once bitten, twice shy, or heading to the same conclusion? Wendy Williams is trying to avoid a repeat of her Wells Fargo drama. However, things do not seem to be going as planned.

The radio and TV veteran fell from her throne following a series of concerning health battles, eventually leading to the bank freezing her accounts in early 2022. The multinational financial services company even requested the Court to determine if the entertainer needed guardianship.

Following her financial advisor’s claims that the media personality’s health hindered her decision-making, the 59-year-old cut ties with her longtime bank and moved to a new treasury. Despite putting her best foot forward, sources claimed the change challenged the New Jersey native.

Wendy Williams Allegedly Does Not Know How To Operate Her New Bank Account

Wendy Williams' Bank Believes She Is 'Incapacitated' And Needs A 'Guardianship'

After having her fortune frozen by Wells Fargo Bank, the former host of “The Wendy Williams Show” is reportedly hoping to avoid the same scenario by hiding her new funds in an undisclosed bank account.

An insider recently spilled the tea about the “Drama Is Her Middle Name” co-author’s financial situation, saying the TV personality moved her business to a new treasury despite her old bank’s claims of being unable to make rational decisions.

“Wendy has secretly opened up a new bank account to divert any money she makes moving forward away from Wells Fargo, where they froze her accounts when her financial adviser told them she was of ‘unsound mind,’” the source revealed to Radar Online.

Unfortunately, the insider noted things are not going the Billboard Radio Award recipient’s way as she does not know how to use her new bank account. Williams’ allegedly tried to sell some of her belongings to friends, “but doesn’t know her account number and refuses to accept checks. It’s a mess!”

Since her account and funds were frozen by Wells Fargo, the former radio personality has been trying to source for money by selling off her belongings. In March, the 59-year-old reportedly searched for buyers to purchase her possessions while preparing to move from her $3 million New York City penthouse to Los Angeles.

Sources claimed the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree was selling some of her most beloved possessions, including the iconic purple chair from her eponymous talk show. Addressing Williams’ offloading plans, an insider claimed:

“Wendy has been calling people, asking them to help sell all her stuff. She is asking for recommendations on places that can sell furniture for you.”

Wendy Williams' Bank Believes She Is 'Incapacitated' And Needs A 'Guardianship'

The “Love Triangle” executive producer’s relocation to LA came after her highly-anticipated return to the spotlight was canceled. The New Jersey native planned on hosting a podcast following the end of her talk show. However, talks of the program soon dried up.

Although the mother of one was spotted filming for the show, she began announcing the project’s end to friends. “It’s strange because she is saying there is no podcast, but is also telling people she’s going to return to TV. It’s hard to figure out what is based in reality,” an insider lamented.

The Daytime Emmy Award Nominee’s Son Claimed Her Health Was Not Being Prioritized

Months before news of Williams’ secret bank account, the entertainer’s struggles with alcoholism were highlighted by her son. During a tell-all interview, Kevin Hunter Jr. broke his silence about his mother’s health and those he deemed responsible for her concerning condition.

According to Kevin Jr., the 59-year-old was not in the best shape, yet those around her prioritized her financial benefits instead of her health. The young man claimed: “What’s been made more important by the people around her is that while her health may not be great, she needs to keep on earning income.”

Wendy Williams honored with a star at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Painting a terrible picture of what was happening to his mother, the 23-year-old revealed he had managed the former radio host’s addiction by taking her to alcohol-free restaurants. However, since she was placed under guardianship, the college student accused those in charge of influencing her liquor consumption.

“They’re just putting their hands up. When someone’s hired help, it’s very easy to just allow certain things to play out,” Kevin Jr. explained. “I never want to shame anybody, but in terms of asking if that person is there so that my mom can be the healthiest person and have a long career, stuff like that, they aren’t in it for that.”

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