“Wednesday” Jenna Ortega joins adidas as a global ambassador

Jenna Ortega provides the sporty bag!

Although she started her acting career as a child actress, she only got her breakthrough when she starred in Disney’s ‘Stuck in the Middle’. Last year, his life took a new, better turn by starring in the Netflix hit series “Wednesday”.

In addition to earning the respect of her peers with her stellar portrayal of Wednesday Addams, Ortega has also signed on as the latest global ambassador for prestigious sportswear brand Adidas.

Jenna Ortega signs Adidas to tap into the Gen Z demographic at the sportswear brand

As adidas’ new global ambassador, Ortega is slated to become the face of an as-yet-unveiled brand under the brand’s umbrella. Dubbed ‘Adidas Sportswear’, the never-before-seen product is the first new label launched by the German company in more than five decades.

Adidas accidentally announced the signing on Wednesday with a picture of the “Yes Day” actress wearing what appears to be a new outfit from the brand. While the top part was a long-sleeved purple and black striped jersey, the bottom part was a purple tracksuit and white sneakers with the brand’s signature three stripes.

Instagram | adidaswomen and adidas

“This is why Adidas is better,” one stan wrote on Instagram announcement comment, while another stated: “where can you buy this? Take my money!” A third person said: “I’ve always been a die-hard Adidas fan, but this just made me an even bigger fan,” while a fourth said it was an “instant cop.”

Ortega shared the good news on his Instagram Story page, noting, “So excited to join the @adidas family!!” The Golden Globe Award nominee also released a statement saying WWD reported and it is read:

“My love for Adidas goes back many years. It has always been present in sports, music and culture and continues to be an innovator in many ways. Growing up, it always had to be Adidas sneakers and Ts as cool.”

The 20-year-old added that her current wardrobe consists of “the iconic three stripes.” “I feel honored to be part of this legendary family of changemakers and to be the face of the new label. I can’t wait to show you guys, Ortega concluded.

Adidas board member Brian Grevy said in a separate statement that the company is “constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries in both sport and culture,” confirming their decision to sign Ortega as a global ambassador.

Grevy further stated that the brand is targeting “a progressive and passionate next-generation trailblazer who is making waves around the world” and that the actress’ “fresh and creative way of thinking” attracted them.

Jenna Ortega at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards

With this signature, Adidas aims to capture Generation Z consumers, and the first Adidas Sportswear collection will appear on its website on February 9.

“Wednesday” star faces criticism for being sick with COVID-19 due to filming

The explosion observed that Ortega came under fire after he revealed that he was not in top shape while filming the beloved “Wednesday” dance scene. The scene went viral on social media platforms thanks to the actress’ unchanging expression as she choreographed the dance with some unusual but electrifying moves.

Detailing the events leading up to this moment in an interview, the “Little Rascals Save the Day” star revealed that she was feeling down. Ortega said: “It’s crazy because it was my first day with COVID, so it was horrible to film. Yeah, I woke up and—it’s weird, I never get sick, and when I do it’s not too bad—my body hurt.”

The “Elena and the Secret of Avalor” actress also shared that she was given drugs to help her condition and was allowed to shoot the scene because she had not yet tested positive for COVID-19.

There was immediate backlash from both Ortega and Netflix, with one person claiming that the move was “dangerous, unethical and extremely selfish on his part, as well as the directors and producers.”

The beloved scene was part of the series’ fourth episode and saw the actress dance to The Champs’ 1981 punk song ‘Goo Goo Muck’ from the ‘Psychedelic Jungle’ album.

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