Watch The VIRAL Interview With Man Who Heard F-35 Military Jet Crash!

Randolph White, a 72-year-old resident of rural South Carolina, described his unexpected encounter with a crashed unmanned military jet near his home. While shaving, he heard a screeching sound followed by a boom that shook his entire house.

The following night, he noticed helicopters in the area and, out of curiosity, approached the scene, learning it was related to the downed F-35 military jet. The incident created an extensive debris field, but thankfully, no injuries occurred.

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South Carolina Resident Says He Thought F-35 Crash Was A Meteorite

Randolph White, a 72-year-old resident of rural South Carolina, had an unexpected experience when a crewless military jet crashed near his home.

Unaware of the aircraft’s crash at the time, White recalled he was in his bathroom, shaving, when he heard a screeching and whistling sound. “What in the world is this? And I heard a boom! Then my whole house shook,” he recalled wondering.

The screeching and whistling sound was followed by a booming noise that shook his entire house. Perplexed, White shared he initially considered the possibility of a meteorite impact, saying, “The first thought that came to me… I said well, did a meteorite come from outer space or something? And I said, well if it was an airplane it needs to be reported because that thing was flying just too low. I didn’t give it any other thought. I knew it was low because my house is pretty solid, and it shook.”

However, despite his concern, he didn’t report the incident right away.

White Says It Was ‘Through The Grace Of God’ Nobody Got Hurt After The F-35 Jet Crash


South Carolina Resident Says Missing F-35 Jet Was Flying Too Low, And The Crash Shook His Home

The following night, with authorities searching for the missing F-35 military jet that had crashed, White observed helicopters in the area.

He initially assumed they were responding to a different incident, perhaps a bank robbery or something similar. Curiosity led him to approach the scene, where he learned that it was indeed related to the downed plane.

The wreckage of the F-35B had scattered over an extensive area near Old Georgetown Road, about 60 miles from where the pilot had safely ejected.

White expressed relief that no one was injured, stating, “Just through the grace of God, nobody didn’t get hurt,” said White. “Because there’s a church right up there, about a half mile.” Military security signs marked the area as a National Defense Zone.

F-35 Jet Crash Labelled A ‘Mishap’

South Carolina Resident Says Missing F-35 Jet Was Flying Too Low, And The Crash Shook His Home

A roughly one-mile section of Old Georgetown Road is temporarily closed for the recovery of the crashed military jet wreckage. The pilot, whose identity remains undisclosed, was found on South Kenwood Drive in North Charleston and hospitalized for treatment.

According to the situation report, provided to the Associated Press by an anonymous U.S. Marine Corps official, the pilot had to eject due to a malfunction occurring just one mile north of Charleston International Airport.

Joint Base Charleston officials have labeled the incident as a “mishap,” with no apparent cause determined. A spokesman at Joint Base Charleston also revealed to NBC News that the fighter jet was on autopilot after ejection, which posed challenges for its discovery as it might have remained airborne for some time.

JJ Gertler, a senior analyst at the Teal Group, explained to BBC that “A plausible sequence of events is that when the pilot ejected, the electronics for the transponder were fried and thus the military was no longer able to track its location.”

Social Media Users React to Interview

South Carolina Resident Says Missing F-35 Jet Was Flying Too Low, And The Crash Shook His Home

The interview with White has led to diverse reactions from social media users on Instagram.

One user who admired White’s storytelling praised him, saying, “I wouldn’t have believed another soul on God’s green Earth OTHER than this man. The transparency Americans deserve. Thank you for your service Sir.”

Another added, “They chose the best possible person to interview regarding this matter.”

A third person joked at the absurdity of the search, writing, “Government can’t find 80,000,000 dollar jet but they’ll can find me when I don’t pay my parking tickets.”

A fourth person agreed: “This was hands down the best interview. But more importantly, how did we lose a fighter jet and what was the time from pilot ejection to ‘crash’? Why is the government being so weird and secretive about this.”

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