Watch As Drunk NJ Woman Cancels Herself With Xenophobic Rant

A loud, drunken, xenophobic rant on a New Jersey transit train got a woman fired from her job after a video of the incident went viral. 

Viral Video Shows Drunk NJ Woman Verbally Attacking German Tourists

Video of drunk woman verbally abusing tourists
Mahomestyle – Reddit

Brianna Pinnix, 30, from Mahwah, NJ, is seen and heard berating a group of German tourists on a New York City-bound train. Pinnix, a talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx, was let go by the company because of their “zero-tolerance policy around prejudicial or discriminatory behavior.” 

“After conducting a review of the circumstances, we acted immediately and terminated the employee in question,” the company said in a statement. “The former employee’s actions and words are not representative of Capital Rx, and we offer our sincerest apology to those who were hurt.” 

The video that first appeared on Reddit, shows Pinnix, who appears to be intoxicated, asking the men if they are German and demanding, “What did you say, tell me what you said.” The verbal attacks only got worse from that point on.

@themessengerontiktok A man who was with the woman reminded her several times that he too was an immigrant. #commuterkaren #karen #commutertrainkaren #briannapinnix #karens #america #newjerseytransit #njt #nyc #newyork #pennstation ♬ original sound – The Messenger

Her boyfriend tries to diffuse the situation and get her away from the men. He pleaded, “Brie, Brie, do not do this, do not do this, you’re going to get arrested.”

She insisted that she “can handle” her own. Her boyfriend says, “Stop this, or I’m never going to talk to you again.” Her response was, “I love you, but get off of me.” 

viral drunk woman
Mahomestyle – Reddit

At one point, Pinnix’s boyfriend manages to get her away from the men and back to her seat a few rows away, but she’s heard mumbling something about “immigrants.” That’s when her boyfriend says, “You know I’m an immigrant. I’m an immigrant, too, you know that, right?”

She says, “Yeah, but I’m responsible for you, so it’s okay,” while laughing.

A man sitting behind Pinnix is then heard egging her on, saying, “Hit them with a right hook,” which excited her to jump up and yell, “Thank you.” 

That’s when things just got uglier. “How about you get the f— out of our country,” she screamed.

Reddit Users Had A Lot To Say About “Train Karen”

Viral video of drunk woman on the train
The Messenger – TikTok

The video first showed up on Reddit and has thousands of comments. Some viewers on the social media platform predicted it wouldn’t be long before Pinnix lost her job and maybe even her boyfriend. We now know that she was fired, but there is no word on whether the boyfriend is keeping his word of never speaking to her again, as heard in the viral video.

Dude should just go ahead and never talk to her again, sounds like a great life choice,” one person wrote. Another added to that thought saying, “Dude needs to find a new gf one that brings him peace cause this ain’t it. For his own safety, he probably should record the breakup.”

One Reddit user summed up what might have caused her rant to start saying, “The German dudes were having a totally separate personal conversation. this narcissist thinks he said something about or aimed at her, but nothing was about her. Just another moron out in the wild.”

Another person said, “This is why people think Americans are idiots.”

The original poster commented on what happened after the camera stopped filming. “Not much to report after the incident. The guy she was targeting moved to a different part of the train right after filming stopped.”

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