Viola Davis wants her own “version” of the zombie movie “Train to Busan”.

“I want to fight some zombies,” the EGOT winner told IndieWire. “This is what I want to do.”

Viola Davis details her next dream role: an undead thriller.

The EGOT winner and “Air” actress told IndieWire that she’s preparing for a “Train to Busan”-style zombie movie to conquer another screen genre.

“I haven’t done many things in my career. Look, I’d love to do a zombie movie, Davis said. “Now I’m saying that on set I don’t know if I can tell the difference between real and fictional because if someone is running at me like a zombie, I don’t know. You can hear some stories. But I want a “train to Busan”. I want my version of “Train to Busan”. I want to fight some zombies. This is what I want to do.”

Davis was honored at the 48th annual Chaplin Gala, where Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain attended the star’s celebration. Davis addressed the changing state of pro-women Hollywood.

“Actually, I think Hollywood tries in ways that most people probably don’t. I think they try to respect women and protect them, protect their voices, protect their bodies, protect their comfort on set,” Davis said. “I think they are really moving in the direction of helping children, child actors, protecting themselves, creating an environment on set. I know because I have to attend the courses.”

Davis’ co-founder of JuVee Productions, film producer and husband Julius Tennon, agreed, saying, “It means finding allies and people who really believe in these things and really want to see effective change. It’s a process.”

The ‘Woman King’ actress continued: ‘That’s what we can actually change in the alliance. It’s just supporting a group of people who aren’t like you. And there are a number of disenfranchised people in this world and in this business, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, certainly black and brown people, that we can make more alliances with in any form.”

Jessica Chastain, Davis’ “The Help” co-star, praised The Woman King for having “Viola’s fingerprints all over it” and a beacon of on-screen representation.

“A film like this could be made with a female director and strong black female leads in Hollywood today because Viola has been a lifelong advocate for women of color,” Chastain said on stage. “Maybe one day a film like this will be nominated for an Oscar.”

Chastain told IndieWire of Davis, “His professionalism was so direct to me. “The Help” was one of my very first jobs and I was so into it. He gives everything. What he works on is very important to him, but he is also very funny. The crew is important to him, the others are important to him. I continue to learn from him every day. He is a phenomenal human being.”

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