Victoria Beckham pays tribute to bestie Eva Longoria on her birthday

Eva Longoria is officially 48 years old and no one is happier than her BFF Victoria Beckham!

Although both are strong in their respective industries, their close bond is one that extends beyond their industry connections into their family life.

Longoria and Beckham seem to have found excellent girlfriend material in each other, and it was clear how the English fashion designer remembered her best friend’s birthday in the most loving way.

Victoria Beckham pays tribute to best friend Eva Longoria on her 48th birthday

On March 15, the “Desperate Housewives” star reached 48 thanks to the well wishes of her loved ones. The list was topped by the fashion designer, who celebrated his long-term friendship with the actress on it Instagram Stories.

Eva Longoria and Victoria-Beckham's girls' night out

The “I’m Not That Innocent Girl” singer took fans down memory lane, a photo montage depicting sweet moments from the high-spirited couple’s years. The former Spice Girl paid a subtle tribute to her former group by using their hit song ‘Say You’ll Be There’ as the backing track.

The carousel of pictures captured the best friends at various events, including shots of the pair at Longoria’s 2016 wedding, where Beckham was a bridesmaid. Another shot showed the two images aligned.

The first saw the duo clinking their glasses while a stylist worked on their hair, while the other showed the pals fooling around on a trainer. The birthday girl was lying with her legs in the air on the arm of the furniture mirrored by her boyfriend, lifting her long legs like a seasoned ballerina.

In other pictures, Longoria posed with her goddaughter, Harper Beckham. There were also pictures of friends at parties, and shots of them in warm hugs or sipping cocktails. The English beauty captioned the slideshow:

“Happy birthday @evalongoria! Thank you for being an incredible friend, #HarperSeven’s godmother, inspiration and partner in crime! We love you so much! Kiss xx”

In the second photo montage, the fashion designer hailed the ‘Devious Maids’ star as the ‘ultimate #VBMuse’. The slideshow captured the presenter rocking a variety of outfits from Beckham’s brand, including a gorgeous negligee-style black dress, a form-fitting neon green evening dress and other sexy suits.

Touched by her friend’s emotional posts, the birthday girl reposted the photo montage on her Instagram Story page. The 48-year-old added the sweet comment: ‘Omg I love this! I love you @victoriabeckham.”

The dudes are known for having spectacular taste in fashion and often flaunt their style on social media. Per The Blast, The longtime friends proved their relationship only got better with time when they flaunted their relationship on Instagram late last year.

The “Learning to Fly” author shared pictures of herself and Longoria bonding at home and looking chic in robes. The stunning women looked relaxed as they raised their cocktail glasses to the camera.

The former Spice Girls member wore black thigh-high boots under a blue cotton robe in an open-toed design, while the ALMA winner wore a black and white striped robe with fluffy slippers. Both women had barrettes in their hair, presumably for styling.

In the second photo, the duo posed with Longoria’s son, Santiago Enrique Bastón. Beckham captioned the cute post: “Once again, two desperate housewives (and a baby) are getting ready for a girls’ night out! I love you @evalongoria x.”

Everything about Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria’s relationship

Grayling reports, the iconic friendship of entertainers dates back to the mid-200s. The bubbly couple got together after Victoria and her husband David moved to the US for his job as a footballer.

The patriarch of the Beckham family received a contract with the LA Galaxy, where he served from 2007 to 2013. But how did their friendship begin? The couple became close due to their frequent meetings at fashion shows and cheering on the former athlete at his football matches.

The pair bonded over their love of fashion and shared a similar sense of humor. The buddies soon became inseparable. The couple supported each other at various events, sometimes going a mile for their bond.

In 2008, the Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee traveled to London to support the opening of Beckham’s first eponymous store. In 2011, when Longoria divorced NBA star Tony Parker, the fashion designer was the actress’ biggest comforter.

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