Tyler Posey says he’s wanted a ‘Teen Wolf’ revival for “years”.

Tyler Posey is excited to return as the alpha of the pack after five years since the previous season in the new movie of the “Teen Wolf” series. The now 31-year-old will star in “Teen Wolf: The Movie,” which premieres Jan. 26, 2023, on Paramount+.

Posey played the lead role, Scott McCall, in the original MTV series, which ran for six seasons from 2011 to 2017. While the show ended some time ago, Posey revealed that she always believed it would return. He also noted that he was not surprised that the production team decided to continue the show with the upcoming film.

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Tyler Posey is excited for the new movie

Tyler Posey

While the show ended in 2017, Posey always hoped to return. In an interview with The New York Post, said: “I always knew this show would be successful. I just felt it in my bones.” The star also noted that he “knew there was more after the end.”

Posey also revealed that the news of the reboot did not surprise him, as he had always expected something like this. “I didn’t know if it would be a movie or a continuation of the series. So nothing surprises me about that.” The actor added, “I’ve wanted this for years. I immediately sped up and hit the road.”

Tyler Posey

Set in the show’s fictional Beacon Hills, California, Posey’s character Scott defends his town after being bitten by a werewolf. The main character also got some help from fellow supernaturals like Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin) and Stiles Stilinski (played by Dylan O’Brien). While Hoechlin will return for the new film, O’Brien will not.

Asked if she was happy about the upcoming film, she said, “I never thought I would want to do it.” He added: “I hadn’t even thought about what was in store for me. I was like, “I’m going to clean up my entire schedule and let’s do this movie.”

Tyler Posey misses the cast

Tyler Posey

In addition to Posey, other original cast members such as Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Allison Argent and Crystal Reed will also be returning to the film. Colton Haynes also plays Jackson Whittemore. Recalling how much fun the set once had, Posey said, “Every day was like this big reunion.

“Between the ‘action’ and the ‘cut’ we hung out, laughed, remembered and cried.

While some of the cast won’t be returning, Posey recalled having “the best time” with them. He noted how much he’s been trying to get used to Dylan O’Brien’s absence from the set since the fan favorite won’t be returning.

Posey said The post, “He’s as much a part of the show as anyone and always will be.” While he’s not on set, O’Brien is “very present” in their hearts.

What is the new ‘Teen Wolf’ movie about?

Tyler Posey

In the film, the fictional town of Beacon Hills faces an unknown threat and Scott (Posey) must stop it. Although he is no longer a teenager, he is still an alpha and needs the help of his friends to defeat the enemy. The 31-year-old, who is excited to relive some of his teenage years, revealed he is nervous about playing Scott again.

In the interview, he said, “I was a little nervous to see if I still knew how to play Scott.” Although he understood that the character had grown since the last time, it was not easy to play him on set. “I knew in my head where he had been, who he was now, but I wondered if I could play him.”

However, since she developed a strong relationship with Scott, it was easy to re-immerse herself in the role once she started trying. “It was really like riding a bike. It all came back to me. I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done and I feel like he’s more Scott than ever.”

Tyler Posey has changed since the show ended

Tyler Posey

The “Truth or Dare” actor noted how proud he is of his progress since filming “Teen Wolf.”

“I am proud of who I am today. I take care of myself physically and mentally. I meditate several times a day. I try to find peace and joy in everything.” The star also revealed that he is now “sober” and “present in every moment”.

He revealed how happy he was to bring his newfound peace and well-being to Scott’s character. Although “still the same stupid kid”, now there is more maturity and self-discovery.

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