Travis Barker gives fans hope with healing finger photo

Travis Barker updated his hand after surgery last week.

Barker, who is the drummer for the rock group Blink-182, is set to return with their upcoming world tour starting this month. However, it could have been a broken finger.

Fortunately, his aging finger may still be on the mend in time for the tour, as he recently gave fans an optimistic update indicating that he’s on the mend after surgery.

Travis Barker is giving fans hope ahead of his world tour with a healing finger

The “Meet the Barkers” star is giving hope to her many fans with her finger recovering after a successful operation.

Travis Barker Instagram dump

He uploaded eight pictures next Instagramsome showing off his remarkable drumming skills and one showing off his recovering finger.

As seen on the seventh slide, Barker held out his palm and showed off his previously broken ring finger, which appears to be healing now. There was a zig-zag scar with a purple-tinged stitch on the sleeve, indicating that it had been doused with medicinal solutions.

Not to kill the anticipation for Blink-182’s tour, the skate punk icon has shared some captivating views of his drumming, including one of them spinning his drumsticks. One snap, which shows him shirtless with multiple tattoos, perfectly reflected his drumming talent as his hands were photographed in various positions on his drum kit.

Meanwhile, one of the slides put on Barker overalls and posed with a stereo in the background, with his hands partially covering his face, while the other photographed a piece of art in a gallery. Turning to the inscription, he wrote: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Since the post went live, it has garnered more than 85,000 likes with a few hundred comments, including one from his wife, Kourtney.

She sent him love with a heart after he wrote ‘George Condo’, while other commenters worried about his broken finger. One fan hoped his recovery wouldn’t affect Blink-182’s tour, especially the Baltimore tour scheduled for May, but still wished him a speedy recovery.

Another fan noted that the “State Enema” star will have a finger scar similar to hers; at the same time, one called him a “hard worker”. “God has the most amazing plans 4 u,” commented a fourth fan, while a fifth declared, “the best – greetings from Argentina.”

Travis Barker's finger after surgery

Another fan was delighted that Barker had been ‘patched up’, while another sent a fellow vegan ‘very much alive’ amid his recovery.

An eighth fan believed his scar was “dope” and prayed for a speedy recovery, while another commenter created an ironic dialogue between God and the musician. They wrote: “Travis: Hi God I have a plan I’m finally in Brazil – GOD: Not my son this time hahaha.”

Before surgery, The Blast reported that Barker used several pictures and videos to show fans the extent of his injury. In the video, a medical professional tried to repair his broken finger by trying to snap the bone back into place, which was painful for the drummer.

Other students in the post showed a closer view of the injured finger, highlighting its swollen appearance, while one was wearing a black brace on the finger. “Surgery tomorrow,” she captioned the post with a finger-curled emoji, and fans, including her loving spouse, showered her with prayers and well-wishes.

Blink-182’s March World Tour Sold Out in Hours!

Travis Barker shows off his broken finger

Blink-182’s tour is undoubtedly a big deal, as the group will be performing for the first time in ten years after disbanding. TThe rock band Barker, Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge reunited late last year, announcing a new album and upcoming tour.

In their words: “We are coming. The tour is coming. An album is coming. Tom is coming. Tickets go on sale Monday. The new song Edging will be released on Friday.

The band dropped another update on the gram with an ‘overtly sexual’ message, after which their world tour tickets sold out in a matter of hours.

DeLonge was overwhelmed by the good fortune as he shared the news that the cities will have new shows and extra dates, while urging fans worldwide to “try and come.”

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