Tracy Morgan Credits Ozempic For Reduced Appetite & Weightloss

Is Tracy Morgan the latest celebrity to join the Ozempic trend? The beloved comedian seemingly confirmed he shed significant weight using the popular diabetes drug.

The stand-up personality is no stranger to pulling fans’ legs as a former member of NBC’s sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live.” Although his jokes sometimes have a controversial spin, the entertainer’s latest gag might not be far from the truth.

While appearing on “Today with Hoda & Jenna,” the 54-year-old joined the hosts for a fun segment called “All Rise For Judge Tracy.” The TV personality was asked to give his take on trending topics in the game, and his recent weight loss came up.

Tracy Morgan Appears To Credit Ozempic For His Reduced Appetite & Trimmed-down Figure

Following the “30 Rock” star’s appearance in the latest episode of the NBC talk show, a clip of the comedian’s conversation was shared on X, formerly Twitter. As seen in the video, the father of four revealed his Ozempic use while playing a Q&A game with the hosts.

Tracy Morgan on set of The Last OG

When asked for his take on waking up early, the entertainer joked about getting up by noon every day before confessing he led a healthy gym life. “I get up at seven every morning, and I’m in the gym at ten, and then I go back to sleep,” he explained.

One of the hosts, Hoda Kotb, suggested the “Cop Out” actor’s regime must be the reason for his thriving body and health. However, the TV personality quickly interjected and credited his weight loss to the diabetes drug.

“No, that’s Ozempic. That’s how this weight got lost,” the stand-up personality clarified. Not taking him seriously, co-host Jenna Bush Hager asked through her laughter, “You’re not…are you really on Ozempic?” To her surprise, the New Yorker confirmed it was true.

“I went and got a prescription, and I got Ozempic. And I ain’t letting it go!” The 54-year-old exclaimed as the hosts laughed. Still in doubt, Kotb and Bush Hager asked if he was speaking the truth, to which the father of four revealed he was receiving weekly treatments.

“I take Ozempic every Thursday. It cuts my appetite in half. Now I only eat half a bag of Doritos,” the comedian proudly announced. The clip ended with the hosts reminding fans about the entertainer’s upcoming comedy special “Tracy Morgan: Taking it Too Far” on Max.

The program will debut on the streaming platform on Thursday, August 17. Per TVInsider, the show is filmed in front of an audience at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, Massachusetts, and marks the two-time Emmy-nominated actor’s first stand-up special on Max.

“Tracy Morgan: Takin’ it Too Far” was written by the New Yorker and executively produced by him alongside Grammy winner Rikki Hughes. The show has Marcus Raboy in the director seat and shall feature some of the entertainer’s wildest jokes.

As the title implies, Morgan plans on taking things too far, as no topic is off the table. From his dysfunctional family to his attempts at reversing gentrification in Brooklyn and his harrowing 2014 car accident, the TV personality shall dissect everything and more.

Amy Schumer Is Tired Of Celebrities Hiding Their Use Of Ozempic & Other Cosmetic Procedures

The Ozempic trend has taken over Hollywood, with Morgan being one of the few stars to admit to using the diabetes drug for weight loss publicly. Before the comedian confessed, the actress Amy Schumer expressed her frustration at fellow celebrities over their beauty procedures. 

According to the “Inside Amy Schumer” star, there was no shame in using Ozempic or artificially enhancing one’s looks to get a desired image. However, she did not support those who were not transparent about receiving external support to achieve their dream bodies.

Using herself as an example, the blonde beauty admitted to using Ozempic sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, the treatment’s side effects made her “sick” and “skinny,” so she could no longer play with her son, Gene Attell Fischer.

2019 ESPY Awards - Arrivals

Advising her colleagues to be honest about their beauty procedures, the “I Feel Pretty” star quipped: “You are on Ozempic or one of those things, or you got work done. Just stop (hiding their use of the Type II diabetes drug.). Be real with the people. When I got lipo, I said I got lipo.”

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