Traci Braxton was honored by the family on the 1st anniversary of her passing

Although legendary singer Traci Braxton is gone, she will forever remain in the hearts of her loved ones.

Exactly one year ago, the “Last Call” singer passed away after a private battle with cancer. The late speaker is survived by his mother, father, five siblings, husband and son.

One year after Traci’s sad death, the members of ‘Braxton Family Values’ remember her with a touching tribute.

The Braxton family pays tribute to the late Traci Braxton on the first anniversary of her death

The late Traci Braxton

The Braxton family took turns honoring their late sister, daughter and colleague. Her oldest sister, Toni Braxton, began the series of tributes Instagram. The message was accompanied by a snapshot of all the Braxton sisters dressed in black and denim.

The 55-year-old singer added her song ‘Breath again’ to the picture and wrote a heartwarming tribute to her beloved sister. “One of my favorite pictures of my sister. I can’t believe it’s been a year today. I miss you so much!” Toni wrote in the caption.

Trina Braxton followed suit in paying tribute to her late sister, highlighting her focus on the happy times. She posted a collage of individual pictures of her beloved sister captured in different outfits and wrote her message in the caption.

Trina wrote, “Today I celebrate you. I have no montages to display. I don’t have a sad soliloquy. Today I decided to simply remember all the happiness and Traci you brought into my life, our family’s life and those around you. I love you. I remember you. I miss you. Rest well my beloved sister and hummingbird.”

Afterwards, Towanda Braxton shared her tribute to her lost sister. “I can’t believe it’s been a whole year,” Towanda captioned it Instagram, “I miss his physical presence very much, but I am very grateful that my memories and documented ‘Tracisms’ will last more than a lifetime.”

The touching message continued: “I love you… I miss you physically… but like Trina said in her post, I chose to hold on and remember the amazingness of Tracink! #hummingbird #tracibraxton.”

The matriarch of the Braxton family, Evelyn Braxton, was also honored. He wrote a long tearful note to his daughter.

Evelyn began the first part of her message: writing, “Dearest Tray! Although you are not here in body, you are here in spirit and you will always be here in my mind and heart. It’s been a year since you rested with the Lord, I know you are safe. I know you’re bent over and maybe enjoying your time with the Lord, but I miss you so much.”

He then recalled the birth of Traci, expressing his gratitude for giving birth to the late singer. Evelyn commented that while she and Traci had their flaws like most people, she always loved her.

– At the end of your life I loved you more than you know and held you in my arms and rocked you for the last time. I was so grateful that God allowed me to see you take your first and last breath.”

The matriarch continued the second part quotes Traci’s favorite biblical scripture, Psalm 23. Evelyn concluded the Bible quote, “And you, Traci, dwell in the house of the Lord and shine in his presence.”

The “Lifeline” singer’s husband, Kevin Surratt, also paid special tribute to her. Shared by forceps He and his wife, adding that he missed the good old days.

The love-struck spouse began his heartwarming message with: ‘Too (sic) up in the last 48 hours #birthday#23 #thanksgiving #24 it was really hard!!! But what a great help it is that I met you!!!”

He recalled how they stuck together despite ‘the naysayers’ and fanned out for his late wife in the concluding section, writing: ‘Happy Holidays #TraRatt @therealtracibraxton I really miss you with all my heart… and you know what I do. #I love you forever #the truth sets you free…… who knew us without knowing the real reality!!! #riptracibraxton.”

Toni Braxton broke the news about her sister Traci Braxton’s death

Fans will recall that the sad news of the ‘Broken Things’ singer’s death was confirmed by her beloved sister Toni. Per The Blast, “Un-break my Heart” broke anews on Twitter and Instagram.

He tweeted: “Traci passed this morning when the snow fell, our angel is now a snowflake. Please respect our privacy as we plan to send you home with love, celebrating your life. We are family forever. Love, The Braxton Family.”

On her Instagram account, she said: “It is with the deepest regret that we announce the passing of our sister, Traci. Needless to say, she was a shining light, a wonderful daughter, a wonderful sister, a loving mother, wife, grandmother and respected speaker. We will miss him very much.”

Fans were deeply saddened by the news, which they noted in the comments, while sending prayers to the family. One fan tweeted: “💔🕊 RIP to Traci Braxton. I’m really shocked now. Let’s really pray for the family.”

Another fan said: “❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are all our family! Sending you love and prayers!”

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