Trace Cyrus Shares Bizzare Rant Targeted At OnlyFans

Trace Cyrus is sharing his thoughts about women who flaunt their sex appeal on social media, particularly OnlyFans, but his opinion was met with intense backlash!

The musician became a member of the famous Cyrus clan following his adoption by the country music star Billy Ray Cyrus. His mother, Tish Cyrus‘s ex-marriage, made the 34-year-old an older brother to the “Hannah Montana” star, Miley Cyrus.

Fresh off celebrating the entertainment manager’s second marriage to Dominic Purcell, the Ashland native offered his unsolicited opinions about OnlyFans creators. The Metro Station bandmate’s lengthy rant sparked fans’ rage, including that of the reality TV star Farrah Abraham.

Trace Cyrus Claims Female OnlyFans Users Cannot Find ‘A Good Guy With Morals’

Miley Cyrus's Brother Trace Bemoans The Impact Of His Famous Family On His Music Career

The “Lights Out” singer ended August with controversy after penning his thoughts about OnlyFans women and their love lives. He shared a screenshot of his unprovoked message on Twitter, claiming these internet personalities had lost their chance at marital happiness.

According to Trace, these women who flaunted their bodies would find it challenging to walk down the aisle because of their sexual content. “There’s so many girls that do Only Fans that have lost their chance of ever settling down with a good guy with morals,” the 34-year-old began.

“They will try and call those men insecure for having standards. They get a lot of attention from guys on OF, so they think they have options. But any guy who is so desperate to see sexual content they are willing to pay for it is a desperate loser,” Trace declared.

The media personality noted that “successful guys” would never marry these OnlyFans creators. However, they would not mind sleeping with them. The Ashland native claimed he was addressing this subject because he had seen a “lot of these girls” wailing about their lack of a “serious relationship.”

“It’s because men see the value in those girls strictly for sex. They don’t look at those women and equate their value as a future wife, mother, or loyal partner,” the pop-rock artist continued, adding that a change of perspective was needed.

The “Summer” singer’s message read: “I know some amazing girls that are genuinely good people that do OF. I just think this independent mindset of not needing a man is extremely toxic and leads to a very lonely future.”

Trace Cyrus on OnlyFans
X | Trace Cyrus

Trace ended his rant, seemingly supporting the alleged women speaking out about how being an OnlyFans star has affected their love life. “Having a good man and a family will bring you more happiness in old age than OF ever could,” the media personality concluded.

Naturally, his opinions were not appreciated by many, such as the “16 and Pregnant” alum, Abraham. The TV personality called out the Ashland native on her Instagram Story, stating that married men and males with families also used the OnlyFans platform.

“Balance & brand is real … forget limited Insecure mindsets @tracecyrus,” the 32-year-old advised the entertainer. However, her words were brushed aside as Trace reposted a screenshot of her message on his page alongside a chiding, sarcastic reply.

“I’ve been defeated. The most intelligent woman of this generation has put me in check. I retract my original statement. Every woman in the world should have an Only Fans,” the 34-year-old quipped.

Farrah Abraham slam Trace Cyrus on OnlyFans discourse
X | Trace Cyrus

Fans Slam The Ashland HIGH Band Frontman For Having Double Standards

Following the guitarist’s attacks on OnlyFans users and Abraham, fans clapped back at the media personality for his scathing opinions. Many called out the “Flowers” songstress’s older brother for having double standards, noting that he frequently flaunted his tattooed body on social media.

“You aren’t wearing a shirt. If bodies were sacred to you, you wouldn’t have made yours look like a cheap highschool binder that belongs to a marginally good artist that can’t decide on a theme,” a Twitter user claimed. 

“Let’s talk about all ur ugly ass tattoos. Not very husband material of you, huh,” another displeased fan penned. A third believed the rant was caused by an OnlyFans creator and happily dissed the 34-year-old writing, “It’s ok bro, which O. F. Model turned you down?? Poor fella.”

A fourth came prepared with alleged proof of Trace’s two-faced personality, sharing an image of what appeared to be the musician’s account, and liking their sexy pictures, including a bikini post. Slamming the From Backseats to Bedrooms clothing company owner, the content creator declared:

“Talking down on s*x workers while you also consume our content is weird and loser energy.  Plus, most 0F girls I know are in happy and healthy relationships, and the 0F has set them up for life, but yes, go off, Trace.”

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