Tory Lanez Tweet About ‘Freedom’ Turned Into Comedic Fodder

Tory Lanez was so confident a year ago that jail was not in his future that he tweeted about it. Now that tweet is being made fun of on Social media.

Tory Lanez Isn’t Going To Jail

Tory Lanez performs at The Forum in England

Sike! The rapper is behind bars for a hard 10 years. While there is a chance he won’t serve the whole time you know good beahvior and all that stuff, he never thought he would ever be in this position.

Lanez was so confident that he wouldn’t see the inside of a jail cell that he tweeted it. “Me at my house …. watching niggas on Twitter celebrating and thinking I’m going to jail ……..” he tweeted alongside a video of Wiz Khalifa sitting at his computer, eating food unbothered in September 2021

He also continued touring and making fun of Megan Thee Stallion on stage and with his group of hypemen. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t what he predicted and the internet is rubbing it in his face.

Tory Lanez Cringey Tweet

Tory Lanez Old Tweet About 'Freedom' Turned Into Comedic Fodder For Social Media Users

The tweet was dug up and now it is begin used to make jokes on Daystar Peterson’s behalf. “Aged like Milk. Enjoy your 10 years,” wrote one follower with a cartoon character slamming a very tiny almost unnoticeable Tory Lanez behind a set of bars.

Tory Lanez Old Tweet About 'Freedom' Turned Into Comedic Fodder For Social Media Users

Another follower used the Kanye West song “Jail” to joke about the situation. “Guess who’s goin’ to jail tonight?” they asked using the lyrics on the screen. Not gonna lie, this is the perfect song for Lanez situation.

Tory Lanez Old Tweet About 'Freedom' Turned Into Comedic Fodder For Social Media Users

One follower used Meg Thee Stallion herself to laugh at Lanez’s overconfidence. “Bro this aged HORRIBLY,” they wrote alongside a video of Meg joking and rolling her eyes calling someone an idiot.

The internet is not taking it easy on poor Tory today but this is no surprise seeing how everything else regarding this trial went down.

Tory Lanez Old Tweet About 'Freedom' Turned Into Comedic Fodder For Social Media Users

Tory Lanez V. Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez
Instagram | Tory Lanez

The battle between the two has been no in-between. You were either on Meg’s side or Tory’s side and when Meg’s own friend Kelsey Harris sided with Tory it made followers of the trial look at the “Savage” rapper sideways.

Tory has long denied that he shot at Meg and when he was confronted with the truth that he did shoot off a few bullets he continued to deny his involvement. During the sentencing, Meg shared how the trial has affected her physical and mental health.

She took a break from music; her boyfriend embarrassed her by commenting on trial coverage online regarding her sexual activity and past relationships. Tory was getting hit with accusations left and right by Meg fans and more.

He was called everything from an elf to a troll to a leprechaun and memes were made with his head on the body of these mythical creatures.

Authorities Address The Bullying

Tory Lanez’ SHOCKING Comment To Megan Thee Stallion Before Alleged Shooting

Most recently in a new development the authorities had to have a press conference regarding the bullying of Meg. They commended her for bringing attention to the violence against women and not being scared off by the incessant bullying by Daystar Peterson and people from him camp.

Police has stated that they will continue to take issues li bullying very seriously especially in the middle of an active court case.

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