Tori Spelling Allegedly Cried Over The Terms Of Her Father’s Will

Tori Spelling‘s ex-husband, Charlie Shahnaian, has revealed that the actress was deeply distraught over her father, Aaron, giving the bulk of his wealth to her estranged mother, Candy.

In a recent interview, the former actor said that the actress was upset because it meant she wouldn’t be free from the financial shackles of her mom. He also discussed Spelling’s reckless spending habit, which the mother of five had previously noted in her 2013 book.

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Tori Spelling ‘Was So Upset’

Tori Spelling's Mother Candy Under Fire For Allegedly Neglecting Her Daughter & Grandkids While They Reside In An RV
Instagram | Candy Spelling

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Shahnaian shared his recollection of Spelling’s reaction upon discovering that her father had chosen not to pass down his substantial wealth to her.

The duo had dated between 2002 and 2005, ending their relationship one year before Spelling’s father passed away from complications of a stroke.

However, years before his death, Spelling’s father willed his $800 million estate to her estranged mother, Candy, which emotionally devastated the reality star.

“When she found out about the will and the terms of the will, she was so upset,” Shahnaian told the publication.

He added that Spelling had that emotional reaction because giving her estranged mother the wealth would grant her significant control over her life through financial means.

“She was crying and feeling upset, not about the money, but about what it meant that was structured in such a way,” he continued.

Why Aaron Spelling Willed His Wealth To His Wife

Tori Spelling's Mother Candy Under Fire For Allegedly Neglecting Her Daughter & Grandkids While They Reside In An RV
Instagram | Candy Spelling

Shahnaian later explained why Spelling’s father decided to leave most of his wealth to Candy while leaving his daughter just $800,000.

“From what I understand, it was his hope was that it would bring Tori closer to her mom because it would require a connection between them,” he noted.

However, things don’t seem all that bleak. Shahnaian went on to claim that Candy had reportedly set up a trust for her and Spelling’s children. She also set up a trust for Spelling and her brother Randy, which is subject to her approval.

“And from my understanding of it, the money is in a trust and she still gets it someday,” Shahnaian added. “Her and her brother will still get what’s remaining in the trust.”

Tori Spelling Had A Terrible Spending Habit

Tori Spelling smiling

While reflecting on his relationship with Spelling, Shahnaian said his ex-wife had a very crazy spending habit, even though she “worked her butt off.”

However, it appears he didn’t blame her for not being conservative, saying that being good with money wasn’t something she was trained to do.

Speaking further on the topic, the former actor gave instances of how his ex would spend recklessly, citing that one of her many expenses was designer clothes.

He noted, “She knew that she had terrible spending sprees. We had racks of clothes everywhere.”

Shahnaian added, “Some of them would be clothes that designers sent, but they don’t send it to you for free. You have to send it back if you don’t want it. But she never sends it back and then we would get charged for them.”

Tori Spelling Has Fallen On Hard Times

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott walking

Surprisingly, even Spelling has admitted that she usually goes overboard with her expenses.

In her book, Spelling It Like It Is, the actress pointed out that she found it challenging to outgrow her childhood life of affluence.

“It’s not my fault. I’m an uptown girl stuck in a midtown life. I was raised in opulence. My standards are ridiculously high. We can’t afford that lifestyle, but when you grow up (with a) silver spoon, it’s hard to go plastic,” Spelling penned in the 2013 book.

She added, “It’s no mystery why I have money problems. I grew up rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. I never knew anything else.”

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their kids at 'Jumanji: The Next Level' World Premiere

With such expenses indeed come dire consequences. In April 2020, the star had money “seized” from her bank account after failing to clear a credit card debt of almost $100,000. 

More recently, it was reported that she was seen living in an RV with her five children, quite a fall from her once opulent life. Prior to her residing in the mobile home, Spelling stayed at a $100 motel with her kids. 

The actress and her husband, Dean McDermott, reportedly have marital issues and might be heading for a divorce. McDermott himself announced their split on Instagram but later took down the post.

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