Tommy Lee shocks fans AGAIN with his own X-rated image

Co-founder of Motley Crue, Tommy Lee, once again delights the eyes of his fans in his private life. The rock n’ roll legend recently tweeted an X-rated photo of her derriere and scrotum.

The singer first broke the Internet by sharing the footage of his penis on all his social media sites. The photo, which was eventually taken down from Facebook and Instagram, is still available for everyone to see on Twitter. At the time, Lee claimed that a “bender relative of her mother” forced her to put on her full front nudity.

His latest shirtless snap comes just days after the release of his ex-wife Pamela Anderson’s memoir and a Netflix documentary in which she talked about her marriage to the popular musician.

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Tommy Lee lets it all out AGAIN!

Tommy Lee

Lee decided to give his fans another good look at his private life, but this time with his penis hidden. The singer took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a shocking photo of his bottom and sagging scrotum.

Inscription a NSFW image, “Hey Mr. @Peanut let’s work together!… I’m bringing the NUZ!!!!” Lee tagged the popular Planters nut mascot, indirectly joking that he wanted a collaboration.

It’s safe to say that just like last time, there were fans reeling from the mere sight of the 60-year-old’s balls.

Fans were shocked by the nude photo of the singer


Fans are relatively divided about the singer’s latest fling, and many are wondering why he doesn’t just use OnlyFans to share nude photos of himself.

An amazed fan he tweeted, “Oh Tommy Lee is up during the music, click on it and see what happens…oh my god no.” Another he lamented“NOT AGAIN TOMMY, THAT’S WHY YOU ONLY HAVE FANS.”

A very confused fan asked“Why do celebrities always think people want to see their junk?”

Another fan of Lee he tweeted that the image “reminds him of old guys in my gym walking around the locker room with their huge dangling ball bags.”

Not everyone was unhappy with the photo, with some fans thanking the star for sharing and asking for more OnlyFans content. Even Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan poked fun at the picture of her husband’s scrotum.

In response to a person asking why the star brings his “nuts” to Planters, Furlan wrote“Cuz I never had deez nutz.”

Tommy Lee previously shared a full frontal nude photo


Ahead of her latest nudity, Lee shocked her fans after sharing a full-frontal nude selfie of herself on all social media platforms with the caption ‘oops’. Facebook and Instagram quickly took down the NSFW image. However, months later it still works Twitterproving that this was most definitely not a mistake and that he wanted to show his genitalia to the fullest.

The singer later revealed why he decided to take a photo of his penis while performing to a crowd of hyped-up fans. Lee said that during a break from the tour, he went to a “BENDER Mother King!” adding that he was so wasted that “things were going sideways like whore and he was dissing and posting pictures of my ad**.”

During the same live performance, Lee demanded that all the men on the show drop their pants and show him their junk, a request that no one complied with to his disappointment.

Just like now, the singer’s wife, Furlan, also supported her husband to publish his nude selfie, and even joked about it on several TikToks. In one video, Furlan wrote: “Opening my husband’s post” as he was seen lying down while dubbing the words: “Here’s (Peter) the (horse)”.

Pamela Anderson recently spoke about her marriage to Tommy Lee

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee holding hands

Anderson, who was previously married to Lee and had two sons with him, recently released a Netflix documentary, “Pamela, A Love Story,” as well as a memoir. Love, Pamela. In the memoir and doc, the actress talked about her time with the singer and how it affected her mental health.

During an interview The guardian, Anderson shared that Lee once threw away his trailer and yelled at him over a kissing scene on his popular drama series Baywatch. The actress revealed that the “Kickstart My Heart” singer was annoyed that he didn’t let her know about the kiss before filming.

Anderson said: “He lost it. He threw my trailer on set and put his fist through a cupboard. I apologized for not telling him—I lied, as he put it—and I told him it wouldn’t happen again.”

The couple eventually divorced after three years together.

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