Tom Schwartz revealed that he almost left Los Angeles because of Scandoval

Tom Schwartz tired of the backlash With Tom Sandow and Raquel Levis‘business scandal. The “Vanderpump Rules” star recently admitted that she almost moved out of Los Angeles because of the public scrutiny. Schwartz explained that she longed to “unplug” and “take a break” from her phone and the Internet.

The businessman strongly criticized his best friend Sandoval for leaving a “big mess” for others to “clean up”. Schwartz said he is on a break with his business partner and “hasn’t spoken to him in a while.”

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Tom Schwartz almost moved out of Los Angeles


Tom Schwartz spoke with him recently People magazine Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss on the severe public backlash due to the affair scandal. He revealed that he almost moved out of Los Angeles due to criticism of his alleged involvement in the Scandoval cover-up.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star talked about wanting a fresh start, free of all the noise. He said: “I had a growing urge to pack up and move, I don’t know where – not to run away, just move.”

Schwartz, who has been busy with life after finalizing his divorce from Katie Maloney, also talked about needing a break. She said she really wanted an opportunity to “unplug” and take some time away from her phone, the internet and all the social media platforms.

When Schwartz was finally invited to star on Fox’s reality show “Stars on Mars,” his break came. She appeared on the reality show alongside celebrities such as Porsha Williams, Lance Armstrong and Tallulah Willis. He said, “It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Tom Schwartz’s blackout experience was “restorative.”

Tom Schwartz at Vanderpump Paris Grand Opening - Las Vegas

Schwartz also said that he “romanticized” the concept of disconnection until the time came. She said: “But once the time came to part ways, it was terrifying… I’m scared of how dependent I am on my mobile phone in every aspect of life. So it was nice to have a little bit of a break from that.”

The bar owner said the time spent online ended up being “rejuvenating and restorative” for his mind and body. He stated, “There was a great sense of lightness and adventure in me, and it was pretty much what the doctor ordered.”

Tom Schwartz took a break from Tom Sandoval

With Tom Sandow

Recently, on the “When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany” podcast, Schwartz opened up about her relationship with Sando. He spoke of how they are now “resting” in their friendship and said it is hard “not to be angry” at his business partner.

He said: “He used to make a big mess and come to us to clean, shops and stuff. It’s hard for us not to be angry. I’m taking a break from Tom now, I haven’t talked to him in a while. I’m happy for him, I know he’s very passionate about the band.”

Andy Cohen spotted the look Raquel Leviss gave Tom Sandoval
Instagram | Raquel Levis

Schwartz explained that he was annoyed by Sandoval’s “lack of remorse” for the entire scandal and felt “used.” She said she knows the musician is very sorry about the situation, but “isn’t doing a good job of showing it.” He added: “You have to let go of the ego man, with hard humility. If you have a full case, your side ceases to exist.”

Schwartz concluded by saying that Sandoval needs to “lose his ego” to truly apologize for his actions. He said: “I told him after the meeting, ‘Dude, after all the shit you’ve put us through, you better marry this girl.’

He doesn’t know that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are still together

Ariana Madix stormed off during an 'intense' on-camera confrontation with Tom Sandoval
Instagram | Raquel Levis

Schwartz also revealed that he really has “no idea” if Sandoval and Leviss are still romantically involved. She also shared that she “couldn’t be happier” that she doesn’t know their current situation.

Earlier this year, Sandoval revealed that he and Leviss had taken a break from their relationship after the scandal became public in March. The singer appeared on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast and said they were “kind of taking a break.” He added: “We didn’t put any label on it.”

When Mandel asked if he and Leviss were still on friendly terms with the benefit, Sandoval flatly denied it. He insisted that amid the dispute, they had decided to remain “good friends”.

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