Tom Schwartz dropped a lot of bombs on Jax Taylor and Britta

Tom Schwartz do one and just an interview about Scandoval With Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor on their “When Reality Hits” podcast.

Tom Schwartz dealt with family issues

apos Vanderpump Rules apos star Tom Schwartz shrugs off recent dating drama while filming in Miami Beach

The bar owner admitted that the way he handled the scandal wasn’t the best and wasn’t trying to excuse his behavior in any way, but he was dealing with a lot of personal family issues and was only taking his word for it with his best friend Tom Sando. on everything.

“Dad fell and hit his head, had an embolism and only had a ‘5% chance of life, was in three different hospitals in seven months.’ He goes on to say that one of his brothers has been diagnosed with testicular cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Brittany Cartwright is seen holding her growing baby while shopping at Century City Westfield Center with husband Jax Taylor in Los Angeles.

To make matters worse, “my other brothers are in rehab” and more family stuff, which he said was “uncomfortable” to talk about.

All of this, coupled with the new bar or opening, Schwartz & Sandy’s has really taken a toll on his mental health. This put him in a place where maybe his judgment wasn’t the best, or better yet, he’s just minding his own damn business because he can’t get one more thing on his plate. He describes this as “low bandwidth”.

Tom Sandoval cheated on Tom Schwartz

Tom Sandoval takes a smoke break while filming the Vanderpump Rules reunion in Los Angeles

We have to say, Taylor and his wife, Cartwright, asked great questions and it brought out the comfort in Schwartz. Instead, he became honest. He admitted that the narrative Sandoval was telling was “obviously a piece of crap because, you know, Ariana’s side of the story is completely different,” he admits.

Like everyone else, Sandoval told Schwartz that he had been trying to break up with Ariana Madix for “many months.” I think he said it three times,” Schwartz recalls.

She goes on to say that Sandoval told her that they don’t even sleep in the same room and never have sex again. But now he thinks that his buddy is not a great person and lied to his face.

Tom Schwartz thinks they’re both terrible people

Ariana Madix stormed off during an 'intense' on-camera confrontation with Tom Sandoval

Schwartz believes Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are “despicable” for “placing the blame” on Madix, calling it “crazy.” Cartwright interjected and praised him Stars on Mars crew member for saying that out loud, because until the podcast, Madix believes that Schwartz was more involved and protected him from a mistake.

He also thinks the big reveal could be that the cheating pair never stopped being together, even though Sandoval claims it was just a one-night stand.

Ariana Madix stormed off during an 'intense' on-camera confrontation with Tom Sandoval
With Instagram/TomSando

The host couple also urged Schwartz because of the awkward schedule they announced during the meeting. He admits to getting his timelines mixed up and says he has “no idea” when Sandoval told him about the affair, but remembers it being “sometime in August, sometime in the summer after the wedding.”

It refers to the wedding of actress Scheana Shay. Remember, Schwartz made out with Leviss at the wedding, and many speculated that Sandoval pushed them together to cover up the affair.

Tom Schwartz regretted it, including Katie Maloney

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney has officially filed for divorce from Tom Schwartz

When it comes to what he could do, it’s to come back and not hurt Katie Maloney. “If I had known it would hurt so much, I never would have done it,” she admits of the kiss between her and Leviss.

When Taylor asked how his relationship with his ex-wife was now, Schwartz didn’t seem too thrilled.

“I still love and respect him a lot, I was cordial. But he’s so busy opening his sandwich shop that it looks freaking awesome. We are good,” he claims. But he said, “We’re not going out to dinner or anything.”

Schwartz also admitted some other regrets, such as how different his relationship with Katie is now and how indifferent he was to the whole affair and everything surrounding it.

Tom Schwartz doesn’t talk to Tom Sando

Tom Sandoval Wears Raquel Leviss Matching Lightning Pendant in Miami, Days Ahead of Massive Cheating Scandal

Overall, Tom said he felt “a bit taken advantage of” by his pal and Leviss. Taylor cut in to agree with him, “taking advantage of your kindness.” Schwartz also talked about his snowboarding trip to Big Bear.

He blamed Sandoval for “putting not only me, but also many of our friends in an unpleasant situation.” The trip had been planned for months and was to celebrate the opening of the bar, and at the last minute Sandoval tells her, “I want to know who.”

Alas, the cringe is real. Both Schwartz and Taylor confirmed that Leviss was not there because Sandoval was “hiding out” in his hotel room.

Finally, when asked directly what her relationship with Sandoval is now, does she know Schwartz, she fumbled for a moment before finally saying, “I’m taking a break from Tom now,” sounding defeated.

“He made a big mess and left us to clean up the shops. It’s hard not to be angry with him.
Damn, another friendship with Sandoval is ruined.

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