Tom Sandoval Reveals He Became Suicidal After ‘Scandoval’

Tom Sandoval opened up about his suicidal tendencies in the first episode of his new podcast. The reality TV star said public backlash due to his cheating scandal and losing so many friends and support was devastating. 

Sandoval also revealed he stopped drinking and smoking once the affair went public. Raquel Leviss, the “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Sandoval cheated with, also had mental health issues and checked herself into a facility for treatment after the intense season 10 reunion episode.

Tom Sandoval Says ‘Sandoval’ Made Him Suicidal

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval has opened up about being suicidal because of the heavy backlash from his cheating scandal with Raquel Leviss. The “Vanderpump Rules” star made the revelation during the premiere of his new podcast “Everybody Loves Tom.” He said some moments pushed him “very, very close” to committing suicide.

Sandoval described the backlash as so severe that it drove him to a suicidal headspace. He said his world started collapsing, from losing long-time girlfriend Ariana Madix to multiple brand deals and business partnerships. He also mentioned that a few friends stayed by his side despite the backlash and thanked them for their support and saving his life. 

Sandoval shared how he met the late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington shortly before his suicide in July 2017. The businessman said he didn’t understand what drove the singer to that frame of mind until his affair scandal.

He Quit Drinking And Smoking


In the premiere episode of his podcast, Sandoval also revealed the scandal made him stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. He said, “I haven’t drank since — I believe it was April 4th or 5th. I didn’t tell a lot of people during the process. I think that helps. I also quit smoking cigarettes.”

The reality TV star spoke about how bad his cigarette habit became and his reliance on alcohol. He said, “If I wasn’t working out, I was drinking. If I wasn’t drinking, I was working out.” Sandoval said his quitting came during his band’s tour, which already was rocky because of the affair scandal.

He decided when Leviss checked herself into a mental health facility. According to Sandoval, he averaged “three shots, three beers” to settle his nerves before performances. However, when he quit, he decided to go cold turkey, which meant no drinking or smoking despite the angry crowd at concerts.

Raquel Leviss Had Mental Health Issues After Affair With Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix Storms Off During 'Intense' On-Camera Confrontation With Tom Sandoval
Instagram | Raquel Leviss

Raquel Leviss, Sandoval’s cheating partner, also suffered mental health issues after their affair went public. The “Vanderpump Rules” star checked herself into a mental health facility for a few months, not long after the backlash began and went off social media.

In April 2023, a rep for Leviss confirmed to Us Weekly that she was in rehab. They said, “Raquel and her family decided before the relationship was discovered that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling.”

The statement read, “Raquel had planned to admit herself before the VPR reunion was taped on March 23. She was scheduled to go in pre-reunion but decided she wanted to finish her filming commitment. Bravo and production were aware and supported her journey towards better mental health.”

Tom Sandoval Is Back To Filming ‘Vanderpump Rules

Tom Sandoval

Leviss eventually left “Vanderpump Rules,” but Sandoval retained his spot on the show. He’s begun filming the current season of the reality TV show with ex-girlfriend Madix and other cast members. So far, it’s unclear whether the season will explore his mental health struggles.

Sandoval confirmed his presence in the new season to TMZ while dropping off flowers for Lisa Vanderpump. The cover band singer admitted that the cameras focus on him this season but didn’t respond to questions about his relationship with Leviss or Madix. He only said the new season will be very interesting for fans.

Aside from filming season eleven of “Vanderpump Rules,” Sandoval currently stars in season 2 of “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” The show features him and several celebrities undergoing brutal challenges and living in harsh physical conditions.

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