Tom Sandoval handmade an embarrassing gift for the paparazzi

With Tom Sandow he presented the paparazzi with the friendship bracelet. Is this thanks to those parking lot interview gatherings?

Tom Sandoval, The Creative Type

Tom Sandoval handmade an embarrassing gift for the paparazzi

The Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras frontman flexes his creative muscles by making some bracelets at Kyle Chan Design in Los Angeles. The disgraced reality star shared her experience making her bracelet on her IG Story.

She also shared that she made a custom bracelet for a guy named Josh, or Pap as he’s known on Instagram. Galore follows Sandoval back to his car from the bracelet shop. “Hey, I got something for you,” Sandoval says.

She puts the bracelet on Josh’s hand like a prom corsage; at first you’re afraid it won’t fit, but then it slips on like a glove, like a match made in heaven! Sandoval documents the moment, “making a bracelet for a paparazzi guy” and tagging the photographer in his post.

Tom Sandoval interviewed many parking lots

2022 MTV movie

This seems so awkward that Sandoval always seems to be caught in the parking lot of a random place and has yet to turn down an interview. Some people on social media have long accused him of setting up the priest’s meetings.

Now she buys a paparazzi bracelet; this is suspicious! The moment was actually fun and cute and if you watch it Vanderpump Rules, you know that’s the top, Tom. She’s a little extra and isn’t afraid to hide it, even if it means buying gifts for dates.

One thing that bothers some on Twitter is that Sandoval knew the Pope’s name. Some speculated that they had struck up a friendship during planned encounters. Sandoval is trying to restore his reputation after the mess between him and Ariana Madix.

Tom Sandoval handmade an embarrassing gift for the paparazzi

Tom Sandoval is on a mission

Ariana Madix stormed off during an 'intense' on-camera confrontation with Tom Sandoval
With Instagram/TomSando

Sandoval and co-star Raquel Leviss are in some people’s bad books for hooking up behind Madix’s back. The entire cast of the popular Bravo reality show has made it clear that they are on Team Ariana and that Leviss and Sandoval no longer have a place in the group.

Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s best friend, even indicated that he doesn’t talk to the wannabe rock star often because it’s just not a good look. But we do know that Sandoval has at least one boyfriend!

Pap Josh was so excited about his bracelet that he posted a photo on his Instagram Story. This is so cute guys! “@tomsandovall appreciates the bracelet son!!” Irish. “And they put my name on it,” he humbly boasted.

Best for life here! Josh’s name was printed in silver on the bracelet. Silver smiley faces surrounded by yellow decorations. It’s a look, but no one questions Sandoval’s style.

Sandoval also made a bracelet for another friend, a boy named Drew, whose charity she is involved with. Watch as Tom puts good karma back into the world!

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