Tom Sandoval broke down in tears while filming VPR

With Tom Sandowmeeting the “Vanderpump Rules” the cast got emotional as he saw her wipe away tears during their night out. The cause of his collapse remains unclear.

Meanwhile, tensions rose between Sandoval and Scheana Shay, leading to a heated argument where Scheana yelled about Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ relationship. Sandoval recently got into an argument with his best friend and business partner, Tom Schwartz, at their own facility, TomTom.

Leviss, on the other hand, is still negotiating his return to the show while prioritizing his mental health, and there are claims that he is playing hardball to secure higher compensation.

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Tom Sandoval is seen in tears while filming the new season of “VPR.”

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Tom Sandoval’s reunion with the cast of “Vanderpump Rules” didn’t go as smoothly as expected. as a new video appeared shows how he broke down on their first night together. Some question the authenticity of her tears and suggest that they may evoke pity.

At SUR in West Hollywood, where the gathering took place Tuesday night, in the apparent absence of Raquel Leviss, Sandoval was chatting with jeweler friend Kyle Channel, according to witnesses.

But around 9 p.m., emotions ran high when Sandoval was spotted wiping away tears, but it’s unclear what exactly triggered his emotional state. On the other hand, Ariana Madix appeared to be in high spirits and engaged in lively conversations with the other women in attendance.

Tom Sandoval was confronted about his actions

With Tom Sandow

The entire “VPR” cast was at SUR restaurant to enjoy a DJ set by James Kennedy and dine with their esteemed boss, Lisa Vanderpump. The momentous occasion marked the first time this season that all the cast members were seen together in the same location.

However, amid the festivities, tensions arose between Sandoval and Scheana Shay, leading to a rather heated argument. Unfortunately, most of their conversation was drowned out by background noise, but Scheana’s voice could be heard yelling, “If you hadn’t fucked Raquel…” before storming off in frustration.

Adding to the drama, Sandoval got into a heated argument with his best friend and business partner, Schwartz, on Saturday night at their own facility, TomTom, located in West Hollywood.

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TMZ recorded footage of the couple sitting across from each other and engaged in serious conversation. Sandoval’s piercing gaze hinted at the intensity of the exchange. Unsurprisingly, the cameras of the reality show were also present, ensuring that this incident will be included in the next season, which is currently being filmed.

Raquel Leviss plays hardball with VPR producers

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Although the rest of the cast is already filming, Raquel Leviss is still in talks to return for the show’s eleventh season, even though she is in a mental health facility. Based on TMZ, Leviss’ reps are currently in talks with Bravo, the network behind “Vanderpump Rules.” The report suggests that Leviss’ mental health is a top priority in returning to the show.

However, he is also said to be in heated negotiations with Bravo to secure the highest possible compensation for his return.

comment Page six, an insider revealed that Leviss is determined to maximize his earnings and is playing hardball in negotiations. A deal between Leviss and Bravo is expected to be reached before the cast heads to Lake Tahoe next week, securing an 11th season appearance.

“Raquel Leviss Concerns For Her Wellbeing”

'VPR' Raquel Leviss Fires Legal Docs To Co-Stars, Warning To Haters
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Even though Leviss is expected to “begin filming soon,” the former beauty queen is reportedly genuinely concerned for her personal safety and well-being. The concern stems in particular from the backlash he received from his co-stars during the traumatic experience he suffered during the Season 10 reunion.

According to the Page Six source, watching the meeting proved to be an overwhelmingly painful ordeal for Leviss. “Like the other women she completely tore him apart and basically wished him dead. It was just a lot to carry,” the source shared.

Leviss became persona non grata on the show after her months-long affair with Sandoval, who had been in a relationship with Madix for nine years, went public.

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