Tom Holland admits he’s “lucky” to have Zendaya in his life

In a rare and heartfelt revelation, he is a British actor Tom Holland declared his relationship with his co-star and girlfriend Zendayahe describes it as something “worth its weight in gold”.

The pair, who first met on the set of Marvel’s Spider-Man films, have managed to keep their romance alive, but Holland’s latest comments give fans a glimpse into their special bond.

The actor recently teased that his carpentry skills apparently helped him woo Zendaya after he fixed her broken door.

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Tom Holland feels lucky to be with Zendaya

Zendaya and Tom Holland
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In an interview with “Unwise” podcast, Holland, 27, shared his thoughts on his relationship with Zendaya, 26, who is widely known for her role as MJ in the Spider-Man franchise and Rue Bennett in Euphoria. The actor said he feels “lucky” to be with her and couldn’t help but gulp about Zendaya, expressing his admiration and love for the actress.

Holland revealed that their shared experiences in the Spider-Man films played a significant role in deepening their bond. He emphasized the importance of having someone who understands the unique challenges and needs of the entertainment industry like he does.

“I’m lucky to have someone like Zendaya in my life,” Holland said People magazine. “It’s interesting to be romantically involved with someone who is in the same boat as you.”

He added: “You can share your experiences and all that, and that’s golden.”

Tom Holland reveals how his carpentry skills helped Woo Zendaya

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The ‘Crowd Room’ actor recently regaled fans with an endearing tale of how he used his carpentry skills to impress the ‘Euphoria’ star early on in their relationship. The actor revealed that he helped fix the broken door at Zendaya’s apartment, showing off his craftsmanship and creativity.

“I really enjoy carpentry,” Holland said in a recent interview Unilad. “I made my mom’s kitchen table.” I did my mother’s office. I built all the closets in my bedroom. We built a small birdhouse with my grandfather. I fixed my girlfriend’s door once at the beginning of our relationship.”

“I was hanging out at his house and they broke down his door,” he added. “I said, ‘I’ll fix that door for you.’ And now we are in love.”

They prefer to keep their relationship out of the spotlight

Zendaya and Tom Holland smiling

In an interview The Hollywood Reporter, Holland emphasized that the couple prefers to keep their relationship sacred and keep it out of the public eye. Despite their high-profile celebrity status, Holland and Zendaya have made a conscious effort to maintain a certain level of privacy and protect the intimacy of their personal lives.

While their fans can’t wait to get a glimpse of their romance, Holland and Zendaya’s decision to prioritize privacy reinforces their commitment to maintaining the authenticity and longevity of their relationship. By preserving their personal lives, they can fully appreciate and enjoy the moments they share, free from external pressures.

“Our relationship is something we’re incredibly protective of and want to keep as sacred as possible,” Holland stated. “We don’t think we owe it to anyone, it’s our business and has nothing to do with our careers.”

Tom Holland wants another chance to star in a movie with Zendaya


In his belt THR During the interview, Holland expressed his excitement at the idea of ​​working with the stunning actress again on a future project. The actor revealed that he enjoyed working with her on the Spider-Man films and would love to find another opportunity to share the screen with his girlfriend.

The pair were first linked in 2017 after starring in the Spider-Man franchise together. Holland and Zendaya went public with their romance in 2021 after they were spotted kissing.

Since then, they’ve nurtured their relationship into a closer bond and are reportedly going into “settling down” mode and planning a future together.. A source said Us Weekly their relationship has reached a critical point and discussions focus on shared aspirations and “serious and permanent” long-term goals.

“They are both in settling-in mode and are definitely planning a real future together,” a source of the fan-favorite couple noted.

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