Tom Hardy loaned Prince Harry his ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ costume

“It was funny and a little scary,” Prince Harry wrote in his memoir “Spare” about trying on the outfit for the first time.

Tom Hardy gave Prince Harry a one-way ticket to Gas Town for a truly epic Halloween.

In the Duke of Sussex’s memoir “Spare,” Harry detailed how he asked actor Hardy to borrow his “Mad Max: Fury Road” costume for an apocalypse-themed Halloween party at Toronto’s Soho House. Harry attended the party with his girlfriend at the time, Meghan Markle.

“I turned to a friend, the actor Tom Hardy, for help with my costume before I left home,” Harry wrote (via The independent). “I called to ask if I could borrow his costume from ‘Mad Max.’ ‘The whole thing?’ “Yes, please, mate!” The whole set!”

Harry wore a costume from the 2015 George Miller film, which left Markle “howling with laughter”.

“It was funny. And a little scary. But the most important thing was that I was unrecognizable,” Harry continued. “He was wearing ripped black shorts, a camouflage top, and nightgowns. If this is the apocalypse, bring on the end of the world, I thought.”

He added that “no one looked twice at (Markle’s) dystopian date,” proving that the “Fury Road” costume kept Harry’s identity a secret, literally.

“Fury Road” inspired the upcoming prequel “Furiosa,” in which Anya Taylor-Joy plays a younger version of Charlize Theron’s title character.

“Look, I’m not mad about (Miller doing a prequel instead of a sequel),” Theron told The Hollywood Reporter in December 2022. “One of the greatest fucking actresses takes on something I’ve only ever imagined.”

Theron added that “Mad Max: Fury Road” was a “long, long shoot” and a grueling production.

“Listen, I know I said, Oh, as an actor, you want to be challenged, but you don’t want it to be. that bad,” said the Oscar winner. “I’ve never done anything that required that much stamina and I don’t think I ever will (again). I don’t know what the production of the prequel was like, but I’d like to believe it was less. And I hate to say this because I never want to encourage young actors or storytellers to believe that they need trauma or sacrifice, because I really don’t believe that they do, but there is a bit of the circumstances of the film. I think he gave me the magic. That’s not to say that it always has to be that way, but I think that kind of lightning in a bottle that you’re always trying to catch happened on that film. But man, it was pretty damn hard.”

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