Tom Hanks talks about working with Truman’s son in a new movie

“Elvis” actor Tom Hanks described his recent work experience with his son Truman as special. The award-winning actor shares Truman with Chet with his wife Rita Wilson. His other children, Colin and Elizabeth, also actors, were from his previous marriage to Samantha Lewes.

Earlier this month, Hanks opened up about the hot topic of nepotism and how acting is a family business for them. However, he explained that no matter how big the surname is, serious work must be invested in order for that person to be successful.

While talking about her experience filming with Truman, the Oscar winner explained that it felt “special” because of their bond; however, he was able to cheat.

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Tom Hanks says working with Truman’s son was “special”.

In Hanks’ latest film collaboration, the actor could be seen alongside his 27-year-old son Truman. “A Man Called Otto” opens on January 13 and is an adaptation of Fredrick Backman’s 2012 “A Man Called Ove”.

Hanks played the title role, while his son Truman played the character’s younger self. In an interview on Monday People MagazineTom shed light on what it was like to work with the young actor and how he was able to perform regardless of their relationship.

“He’s definitely special because, you know, I changed his diaper,” the Academy Award-winning actor said. “But you get over it right away because you have to show up and you have to hit the targets and you have to do it on time and you have to be there.”

According to Tom Hanks, Truman was chosen because of their similarities

Tom Hanks at the Los Angeles premiere of Apple Original Films' 'Finch'

Hanks further stated that the main reason for the casting was Truman’s resemblance to him, and the 27-year-old recognized the pressure of the role. “I know what it takes and so does he. It’s a little different when it’s all about wandering,” said the actor.

He continued: “He was chosen for a very specific reason. We compare, he’s not a stranger and he knows what the pressure is and he has to do it.”

Banks went on to reveal some hard truths as an actor and how he was still uncertain about his performance in the film until the release. “What we both know is that you don’t know if you’ve done a good job,” the star said.

“All you can do is wait for that very surreal moment where you see the film and it’s like, ‘Here it is.’ This takes forever. Even then, I don’t think you have any idea if it’s working or not.”

Truman Hanks talks about how he imitated his father


Truman ended up discussing his experience on set with Hanks and how he was able to nail his performance. The 27-year-old revealed that over the past few years, he and Hanks’ other children have been practicing and mastering the art of imitating their father.

Truman explained, “When I imitate him, people say, ‘It doesn’t sound like that.’ But I have to relay it to you as I hear it. Everyone else hears, “Houston, we have a problem”; I can hear this grumpy old man getting mad at the DVD player.

In addition to ‘A Man Called Otto’, Truman has appeared in several other films such as ‘Black Widow’, ‘News of the World’, ‘Wrath of Man’ and others.

Tom Hanks says acting is a ‘family business’


In response to the topic of nepotism in Hollywood, which was the subject of much discussion towards the end of 2022, Hanks called acting a “family business”. During conversation Reuters across The day, the actor said, “This is what we’ve been doing forever. All our children grew up in it. We have four kids – they’re all very creative, they’re all involved in some kind of storytelling.”

Hanks continued, “And if we were a plumbing business or if we were a florist down the street, the whole family would be timing at some point, even if it was just inventory at the end of the year.”

However, the “Forrest Gump” actor claimed that no matter what one’s last name is, one has to put in the work necessary to succeed.

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