Tom Hanks responds to negative reviews of his debut novel

Tom Hanks published his debut novel,Making another major cinematic masterpiece,” which takes a deep dive into filmmaking and spans decades of American culture. However, the book received mixed reviews, with some critics praising its insight into filmmaking and others describing its writing as “clumsy”.

Despite the criticism, Hanks remains “unquestioning” and is confident the book can entertain and enlighten its audience while drawing on his personal filmmaking experiences to give readers a glimpse into the fascinating world of filmmaking.

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Tom Hanks Says Critics Are Not ‘Fair’

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has responded to negative feedback and critical reviews of his debut novel, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, released on May 9, 2023. BBCHanks expressed his disappointment at the reaction from critics, saying it was “unfair”.

The “Castaway” actor emphasized that the book “will live and die by its ability to entertain and enlighten the audience.” Hanks explained that he is “unapologetic” about his work and is not bothered by any criticism, as his “day job as a movie star” has taught him to handle it better. “I’ve gotten stronger when it comes to being really ripped,” she said Daily Mail.

“Making another great cinematic masterpiece”

The cover of Tom Hanks' new book, "Making another major cinematic masterpiece"
Instagram/Tom Hanks

According to the synopsis, “The Making of Another Major Cinematic Masterpiece” is an epic story that explores the creation of a “colossal, star-studded, multi-million dollar superhero action film” inspired by a humble comic book.

However, as reported Daily Mail, several critics felt that the book could have been more compelling. The Sunday Times David Sexton criticized the novel, describing it as “Hanks mansplain cinematically” and the writing as “stubborn”. Meanwhile, Tim Adams a The Watcher he said the book accurately captured “Hollywood mayhem” but lacked Hanks’ on-screen charisma to breathe life into the characters.

Alexandra Jacobs The New York Times also expressed his disappointment with the novel, stating, “Whimsically, chronicling the making of a Marvel-style film, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece sags under a deluge of detail.”

‘The source of a film goes back many years

American actor Tom Hanks (L) and actor Alton Mason arrive at the screening of the film "Elvis" at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 25, 2022.

Hanks has starred in several blockbusters such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ and ‘Elvis’ and is about to release his next film ‘Asteroid City’.

The Oscar-winning actor is also a talented writer. His debut novel not only offers readers an exciting account of the making of a superhero film, but also includes comics written by the Hollywood icon and several life lessons based on his personal experiences.

“Every character in the book is doing something that I experienced while making a movie, and discovered a philosophy or learned an important lesson. Even the goofy moments are stunts that I did or a mistake that I survived,” Hanks shared. Daily Mail.

According to the Hollywood veteran, “the source of a film goes back as many years as there is in history. A story touches on a single moment in someone’s life, and then all the anecdotes of the current day magnify that moment.”

Tom Hanks says the filmmaking process is a ‘miracle’

Tom Hanks at the Los Angeles premiere of Apple Original Films' 'Finch'

Hank’s debut novel spans decades of film production and explores how American culture has evolved from World War II to the present day. In addition to its sweeping story, “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece” features a “tough” male actor, an “awesome” leading lady, and an eccentric director who all play a crucial role in bringing the superhero movie to life. .

Another part of the book focuses on 1947 and a military father who inspired his five-year-old son. In the 1970s, the same kid wrote a comic book that became the basis for today’s superhero movie.

According to Hanks, the “desire for human storytelling” is timeless, and the actor believes that no one really understands how a movie is made, even though everyone thinks they do. Drawing on his personal filmmaking experience, he states, “I’ve made a lot of movies (and four of them I think are pretty good) and I’m still amazed at how movies come together. From the vibration of an idea to the flickering image on the screen, the whole process is a miracle.”

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