Tina Turner feared that Ronnie’s son would abuse her like his father

Tina Turnerdaughter in law Afidatalks about the personal pain and heartbreak Turner endured as a mother, tragically outliving two of her four children, including her son Craig, who committed suicide in 2018, and her son. Ronnie who died of colon cancer just months before Tina’s death.

Afida also revealed that Turner is afraid of following in the abusive footsteps of Ronnie’s father, Ike Turner. She shared that the music icon warned her about Ronnie’s possible behavior.

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Tina Turner lost her two sons while struggling with health issues

Tina Turner
Instagram | Tina Turner

Following the death of music icon Tina Turner at the age of 83, the public has gained a deeper understanding of the challenges of her final years and the health battles she courageously fought.

While many have celebrated his strength and resilience during this time, Turner’s daughter-in-law Afida is now highlighting the personal pain Turner endured long before he was diagnosed with any illness.

In an interview Daily Mail, Afida, married to the ‘Proud Mary’ singer’s late son Ronnie, has spoken candidly about the deep heartbreak Turner went through as a mother of four children, two of whom tragically survived.

Tina Turner mourns the death of her son Ronnie in emotional tribute
Instagram | Afida Turner

During the chat Daily MailAfida revealed that Turner was dealing with the pain of losing her son Craig, who committed suicide in 2018 while struggling with his own health conditions. He added that in a cruel twist of fate, Turner was also mourning the death of another son, Ronnie, Afida’s late husband, just five months before his death.

Ronnie died of colon cancer in December, as reported The explosionleaving Turner bearing the brunt of another devastating loss.

Despite his heartbreak, Turner found strength in his Buddhist faith, and Afida now takes comfort in the belief that Turner has now reunited with his late sons. “They never had time to spend together and now all three are together,” she said.

His death was unexpected despite a long illness

A look at the tumultuous love life of the late Tina Turner until she met her husband, Erwin Bachhal
Instagram | Tina Turner

Despite Turner’s long illness and multiple medical conditions, including high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure, bowel cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, his family was shocked by his death. Afida reveals that the queen of rock ‘n’ roll’s remarkable strength and resilience gave them hope that she would defy the odds and live forever.

“He was sick for a long time, but also stable,” shared Afida. “He has been fighting for his life since 2017. We knew how sick he was, but he did so well that it was unexpected.”

Still, Afida said the music icon’s unexpected death deeply affected the surviving family members and shook them to their core.

Tina Turner feared her son would become abusive like her father

Tina Turner mourns the death of her son Ronnie in emotional tribute
Instagram | Afida Turner

Afida also mentioned Turner’s haunting fear of following in the footsteps of Ronnie’s abusive father, Ike Turner, with whom the singer was severely abused for years during their marriage.

Afida revealed that Turner, who also adopted Ike’s two sons from a previous relationship, had warned her about Ronnie early on in their relationship, expressing her horror at the thought of putting another woman through the same abuse as her.

Tina Turner spoke about her kidney problem two months before her death

Afida recounted: “(Tina) would sometimes say to me, ‘You don’t want to stay with her. He will be like his father.” The daughter-in-law added: “It’s rare for a mother to say that.” Acknowledging early signs of such behavior in Ronnie, Afida admitted that early concerns mirrored Turner’s fears.

However, she stressed that Ronnie had made significant efforts to change and improve his behavior to keep their relationship intact, as he made it clear that he would not stay with her if his behavior continued on a destructive path. “He made a big effort to keep me. It was difficult in the beginning because I wasn’t willing to stay with him,” she revealed.

Afida Turner praises late Tina Turner’s husband

Tina Turner with her husband Erwin Bach
Instagram | Tina Turner

While details of Turner’s funeral are not yet known to Afida, she took a moment to acknowledge Turner’s husband, Erwin Bach, for the crucial role he played in supporting the singer over the years.

Afida praised Bach for being an unwavering support to Turner and admired her for handling the various responsibilities. “He has a funeral, but I didn’t arrange it,” he said. “I’m not doing this. This is handled by her husband. She has a husband who deals with all this and manages everything for many years.”

“He also did a good job. He did a good job and helped (Turner),” added Afida.

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