Tina Knowles loses more than $1 million after burglars attack Los Angeles home

The ever-growing list of celebrity burglars has a new addition, Tina Knowles! Superstar singer Beyoncé’s mother recently fell victim to thieves in an unfortunate home raid.

Thanks to Queen Bey’s powerful vocals and sensational stage performance, the Knowles name has taken the world by storm. Since her days as a member of the iconic girl group Destiny’s Child, the recording artist’s mother has been with her every step of the way.

In addition to being a celebrity parent, the 69-year-old has carved a niche for herself in the industry with various business ventures. However, being a public figure brought trouble as burglars targeted the media personality’s home.

Tina Knowles escapes a home invasion, but the criminals get away with millions in valuables

Tina Knowles at the HollyRod Foundation DesignCare 2022 Gala

Things have turned dark for the co-founder of House of Deréon after thieves recently ransacked his Los Angeles-area estate. As it turned out TMZ, the businessman’s lavish home was broken into by criminals who lived off part of his wealth.

The shocking incident happened when the fashion designer was said to be out of town, an opportunity the burglars took advantage of with little missteps. These crooks appeared to be experts in deviousness as authorities were baffled as to how they got into Knowles’ home.

The time of the break-in was also unclear, as the “Irreplaceable” singer’s mother was not around when the thieves broke in. The 69-year-old was allegedly alerted to the break-in after an acquaintance visited the property on Wednesday, July 5 and discovered the mishap.

Police were alerted to the intruders, who allegedly made off with a safe filled with more than $1 million in cash and jewelry. It remained uncertain how these lawbreakers escaped from the vault; however, the cops worked diligently to solve the mystery.

According to sources, the authorities are searching for surveillance footage that may have captured the crime. Knowles’ neighbors are also being questioned for information. Unfortunately, the efforts of law enforcers have not led to significant results to date.

The invasion of the “Conversations with Mama Tina” host’s home comes months after an unknown man terrorized the media personality. The ACE awardee alerted the authorities in April after discovering one an uninvited guest at his Los Angeles estate.

The LAPD responded with full force to the 69-year-old man’s call, coming to his aid with a helicopter and squad cars. Upon arrival, the cops discovered a man throwing rocks at Miss Tina at Tina Knowles, the founder’s mailbox.

Tina Knowles at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Radhika Jones - Arrivals

What happened next was like a scene from an action movie, when the assailant ran for his life at the sight of the cops. Fortunately, the helicopter kept a close eye on the man and notified the local forces of his whereabouts.

A short chase ensued when the authorities arrived at the scene of the offender, but the offender was successfully arrested. The man was taken into custody for causing a disturbance and damaging the Texas native’s property.

However, due to the alleged “irregular behavior” of the trespasser, the suspect was placed in 5150 psychiatric custody. Despite causing minor damage to her mailbox, Knowles took the high road and refused to press charges or press charges against the man.

Beyoncé has paid tribute to her mother by dedicating her upcoming hair business to her legacy

Months before her mother suffered unwanted guests at her Los Angeles estate, the “Partition” singer paid tribute to the 69-year-old. with a touching announcement. In May, Beyoncé teased the launch of a new business venture.

The host shared three pictures on her Instagram page that hinted at her hair business. In the first moment, she captured the pop star’s glittering process behind the scenes, giving a rare look at her natural, voluminous curls.

The second image was a childhood flashback of the “Crazy in Love” singer. A younger version of Queen Bey sat on a lounge chair, giving the camera a cute smile as someone in the background curled the ends of her braids.

Beyonce teases hair in cryptic post and flaunts natural hair

The last slide was a surprise announcement of an upcoming project from the multi-awarded Grammy winner. In the handwritten note, Beyoncé revealed that her first job after stardom was sweeping hair at her mother’s salon.

In addition, the first performance of her former girl group was held for the customers of the cosmetics business. Given that he came into the limelight at a young age at his mother’s workplace, the media personality has revealed his plans for the 69-year-old’s career.

“I saw him heal and minister to so many women. Having learned so much along the way, I have always dreamed of carrying on his legacy,” wrote the cultural icon. “I can’t wait for you to experience what I made.”

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