Tim McGraw Warns Fans About ‘Terrible’ Act Of Throwing Things

As country music star Tim McGraw counts down till he begins his upcoming “Standing Room Only Tour,” he is worried about the now-rampant act of fans throwing items at performers on stage.

McGraw voiced his concerns in a recent interview, expressing hopes that his shows would not include such an offensive trend while sending out a warning about the possibility of flung items hurting fellow concertgoers.

Tim McGraw Warns Concertgoers Not To Throw Hefty Items Ahead Of Upcoming Tour

The Louisiana-born singer has a message to fans before his upcoming tour, cautioning them on how inappropriate it is to toss items at musicians during stage performances. In a conversation with CNN, he noted that the trend was “terrible” as he believed it could mess up concerts especially if people get hurt.

Tim McGraw performs on CMA Fest 2023 - Day 3

McGraw said, “I mean, you could really injure somebody, and you could miss and hit somebody in the audience and injure somebody. What happens if somebody gets hurt? Then it ruins the show for everybody. If somebody can’t continue performing.”

The “Standing Room Only Tour,” set to begin in March 2024, will reach over 30 cities, and the “It’s Your Love” singer wants all attendees to have the utmost fun. He also mentioned that he was fine with “soft goods” being thrown at him on stage, considering he was already accustomed to it. 

However, the 56-year-old celeb cautioned fans against throwing “anything that’s got any heft to it that’s gonna hurt somebody.” 

He added, “I just think that it’s just not appropriate to do. Everybody’s there to have fun, and there’s just no need for any of that – Hopefully, it doesn’t happen, but I’ll try to stay calm if it does.”

Besides McGraw’s highly anticipated tour, he will debut his 17th studio album in August, the same month his tour tickets would go on sale. Explaining the kind of music his fans should expect from the yet-to-be-released work of art, he shared. “I wanted this music on this album to reflect life in general and be life-affirming and positive.” 

The “Just to See You Smile” vocalist continued, “It all sort of formulated during (the pandemic). What we were going through and then as we were coming out of it and getting our feet back under us. “

He further stated that he wanted his music to reflect “living the good life and being the best person that you can be and knowing we all make mistakes, but you wake up the next day and try to be a better person.”

McGraw’s unease about concertgoers throwing things at musicians on stage is certainly justifiable, given that at least 14 incidents of performers having things hauled at them have been reported over the past 12 months.

The most recent episode involved famous rapper Cardi B who was hit with a drink during her show at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 29. This prompted her to throw her microphone at the fan.

Cardi B hurls microphone at drink-tossing fan

A few weeks before, a concertgoer threw an unidentified object at pop icon Harry Styles, hitting him in the eye during his performance in Vienna.

Some cases have been more severe, causing the musicians to be hospitalized, like in June after a cellphone hit Bebe Rexha near the eye during a New York concert. Other celebs targeted over the past months include Drake, Pink, Kid Cudi, Steve Lacy, Lil Nas X, Ava Max, Kelsea Ballerini, and Lady Gaga.

The Three Time Grammy Winner Fell Off The Stage During Arizona Performance

While McGraw does not want to be among the list of artists struck with items thrown by the audience during stage performances, he is one of the many known to have fallen off the stage. Last year, the singer-songwriter was filmed tumbling off the stage while performing “I Like It, I Love It” at Arizona’s Boots In The Park concert series.

It all began when he walked to the edge of the stage, squatted, and stretched his hands out to cheer the guitarist amid a solo act. Unfortunately, he lost his balance while trying to stand back up.

SInger Tim McGraw headlines night one of the Watershed Music Festival at The Gorge Amphitheater on July 30, 2021

As seen in the footage, the “Tomorrowland” actor tripped and stumbled backward toward the audience, but he caught himself just in time and landed safely on the lawn, thanks to his competent security guards. 

After landing on his feet, he laughed off the occurrence before acknowledging the concerned crowd behind the barrier.

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