Tilda Swinton Explains Her Reaction to the Viral Latte Art Video

SXSW: “What’s not amazing about this thing? I mean, what was I missing,” the “Problemista” star said during her keynote.

Returning to the SXSW Film & TV stage for the first time in nine years, Tilda Swinton shared deep thoughts about ambition, why she hesitates to call herself an “actor,” and how excited she is to be back in the public eye. pandemic. But the real burning question of the afternoon, and what really got Swinton going, was a question about a viral video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will. Swinton went viral last year because her fan reacted to a barista’s latte art. He was amazed and did not stop being amazed for 30 minutes. Check it out below.

During a conversation with Sundance director Eugene Hernandez on Monday, Swinton was asked an online audience question about her reaction to seeing her face in a frothy cup of coffee: “The purity of your joy and excitement was truly intoxicating. What was that moment? they asked him.

“What’s not wonderful about this thing? I mean, what am I missing, everyone is really good at this? This is amazing. Did you see? How did that guy do it? People do it… We don’t do it in the Highlands,’ said Swinton, still beaming. “I thought it was amazing. I still think it’s amazing, and it’s amazing that people thought I thought it was amazing, that it was amazing!”

But the latte art comment wasn’t the only moment Swinton played an absolute ball. Asked how she’s progressed in the nine years since she last spoke with Hernandez at SXSW, during which time she’s seen her twin son and daughter blossom, Swinton warmed to the realization that if she “went down a shaft” today, that two ” He left behind a completely self-sufficient” person on the planet. And he didn’t hesitate to embarrass them.

“My son is a handy guy. He’s working on the Bob Marley biopic, he’s in Jamaica, and he sent me this amazing photo on top of a banana truck, and I was so proud to see it go! Isn’t that great, Swinton said proudly. – And my daughter is preparing for the final exam, she is currently preparing for her thesis. It is very embarrassing for them that I am talking about them on this stage. But I’ll continue, with the twins, you do it with one, you have to do it with the other. But he is doing his thesis in psychology in Edinburgh. And she writes about beauty standards. It’s on a roll.”

Swinton is in town for “Problemista,” which opens Monday night and is the latest project from “Los Espookys” co-creator Julio Torres. The film will be presented by A24 later this year. He also talked about his next film, “The End,” an apocalyptic musical from “The Act of Killing” director Joshua Oppenheimer. Swinton said she would be filming the project soon after the festival and even added that she would be singing in the film.

“It tickles my fancy,” Swinton said. “It’s not going to go anywhere, I’m not going to release any albums. It’s a lot of fun and I really like it.”

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