Tiger Woods ‘sorry’ for crude tampon win prank

Tiger Woods he apologized after his tampon prank.

The golfer recently received backlash for his winning prank when he gifted fellow golfer Justin Thomas a tampon after their match Thursday at the Genesis Invitational. Several social media users called the joke sexist, though some defended Woods.

He also discussed his performance in the tournament, admitting that he underperformed in some cases. Woods previously suffered serious leg injuries after an accident in 2021.

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“It was all supposed to be fun and games”

Tiger Woods at the 2008 US Open

On Friday, Woods recounted his strange victory prank when he gave fellow golfer Thomas a tampon at the previous day’s Genesis Invitational.

“It was supposed to be all fun and games, and obviously it wasn’t,” Woods said of the incident. Insider. “If I hurt someone, it wasn’t like that, it was just friends having fun.”

Doubling down on his comments, the pro golfer shared that it wasn’t uncommon for him and Thomas to play pranks on each other from time to time.

He added: “Like I said, if I offended anyone in any way, shape or form, I apologize. This was not the case. We were just playing pranks on each other all the time, and virally, I don’t think it came together like that, but it was between us – it’s different.”

Fans are sharing mixed reactions to Tiger Woods’ prank

Open golf practice

Woods received criticism online after the prank went viral, with many calling it sexist.

Actor and Rob Lowe’s brother, Chad Lowe, said: “Tiger Woods giving Justin Thomas a tampon after he drove him is very sick, misogynistic, bullshit.”

Reporter Alison Hall asked“Did Tiger Woods go to the store… and buy a box of tampons? And put one in your golf bag? For this “hilarious” stunt? Or swept it off your teenage daughter? Many questions. So few laughs.”

However, some defended the prank saying it was just a joke between two friends and shouldn’t have caused such a stir.

A Twitter user famous, “It was something between two friends. But as usual, we need to hear about someone’s feelings, about everything that’s going on in the world.”

Tiger Woods Makes Music Over Tournament Performance

Open golf practice

On the day of the press conference on Friday, Woods finished the day with a 74, which is expected to be enough to keep him in the tournament, although it was below his usual level.

“I didn’t putt well today, I blocked a lot of putts early and that’s probably the highest score I could have shot today,” the golfer said. ESPNgrayling Insider.

He added: “I probably should have shot 5-6 more easily than that. I just didn’t make the putts early and in the middle of the round when I had my opportunities. And they weren’t very hard putts, I just hit bad and obviously had a really bad putt.”

This is Woods’ first appearance in the Genesis Invitational in seven months since a car accident in 2021 that left him with serious leg injuries.

Tiger Woods car accident

Tiger Woods on Nadal vs Cilic

While traveling in California, Woods’ car overturned and went off the road, requiring surgery on his right foot and ankle.

According to reports, the legendary golfer hit a raised central reserve at high speed, smashed through a street sign and a tree before his Genesis GV80 SUV flipped several times.

Police later said Woods was not drunk or under the influence of drugs, but they still executed the warrant to recover the car’s black box.

The award-winning athlete was previously involved in several vehicle accidents. In May 2017, police in Florida once discovered him dozing behind the wheel of an improperly parked vehicle. At the time, he was charged with DUI, to which he pleaded guilty, and was later taken to rehab.

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