Ti West’s Favorite Movies: 10 Movies You Want to See

The Sight & Sound ballot from “Pearl” and “X” features 10 towering American classics.

Ti West has been rocking gruesome indie horror films for nearly two decades, starting with “The Roost” before his 2009 breakout satanic panic thriller “The House of the Devil.” But he recently collaborated with A24 on the porno slasher ‘X’. ,” the campy gothic sequel “Pearl” and the trilogy-ending “MaXXXine” spawned an entirely unique Ti West Cinematic Universe: cause for celebration in a Hollywood where such franchises often seem to cannibalize each other in the by spinning out. – mythologies of control and winking and self-referential fan-baiting.

It’s interesting, then, that for the director of films like “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever” and the Jonestown-inspired spoof “The Sacrament,” the great films in the annals of horror history largely don’t consider the medium to be the best. offer. At least that’s according to his ballot BFI 2022 Sight & Sound Filmmaker Poll of the best movies of all time. No “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “Halloween” here, but a sampling of arguably the greatest American films: “Citizen Kane,” “The Godfather,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Apocalypse Now,” “Psycho.” ” (makes sense), “Sunset Blvd.” and so on.

In other words, it’s a mix of the Western canon that, at the end of the world, humanity would be wise to bottle up and send into space for aliens to get an idea of ​​what American movies are all about. When the list originally dropped, there was some debate on social media about its supposed generality, the Hall of Fame equivalent of a dorm movie poster. But why? It’s a perfect list that appeals to the director’s tastes, which are mostly mainstream and distinctly American. “Pearl” mines a very specific slice of “The Wizard of Oz”-meets-Norma-Desmond-film Americana that traces back to exactly those films.

West is, after all, in the good graces of the director of one of the films on the list (“Taxi Driver”) thanks to Martin Scorsese’s recent praise for “Pearl”: “Ti West’s films have an energy that is so rare these days, driven by a pure, undiluted love of cinema . You feel it in every frame… “Pearl” is a wild, mesmerizing, deeply—and I mean deeply—disturbing 102 minutes. West and his muse and creative partner, Mia Goth, really know how to play with their audience… before plunging the knife into our chests they start stabbing and twisting. I was enthralled, then confused, then so confused I couldn’t sleep. But I couldn’t stop watching.”

There is no better imprimatur. Below are the 10 films West considers the best of all time.

(Editor’s note: This article first appeared in March 2023 with results from the West 2022 Sight & Sound Poll. It will be updated over time.)

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