Ti West: Mia Goth deserved the Oscar for Pearl

“It would be dishonest to say that winning an Oscar wouldn’t be fantastic,” West said.

Ti West gives the Academy a new North Star.

In a new interview with him The independent, the “Pearl” and “X” director weighed in at the Oscars, having also impressed with genre films like horror. In particular, West noted that lead actor and co-star Mia Goth deserved to be recognized at this year’s awards ceremony.

“It depends on how seriously you take things like the Oscars. If you take it very seriously, you might notice that a certain kind of movie doesn’t exist as much, West said, but it might also be that Oscar winners see themselves as movies that have a different message. beat. It’s hard to say.”

While West noted that he “doesn’t really care” about the Oscars, he added, “It would be dishonest to say that winning an Oscar wouldn’t be awesome. I’m sure it would be great, but if it matters that much to you, it inevitably drags your life down.”

However, he said Goth “deserved” an Oscar for “Pearl.” He co-wrote the film with West.

“I think he deserved it, but at the same time I don’t feel like it takes anything away from what he did,” he said. (Oscar) would have been just a good addition.”

Goth previously said the Oscars were “very political” and “needs a change” to connect with the “broader public” of moviegoers.

As West continued in The Independent, box office numbers drive Hollywood and sometimes fail smaller original films. “From the point of view of the box office, certain prestige films of this year – despite the COVID – underperformed. If you make another movie like this, the metrics it’s going to be compared to aren’t very good,” West said. “So when you make a movie like one of these movies, you’re inevitably going to run into people who say, ‘But the movie you’re talking about, the idea you have, didn’t make any money.’ And you have to say, ‘Okay. , but will it be…?”

Marvel’s bankability is hard to ignore, with the MCU picking up several 2023 Oscars for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

“Everyone always complains about the Marvel movies, but after Marvel, there will be something else that people will love and hate at the same time. That’s exactly how it goes,” West said. “To use Marvel as an example, they’re not in that business (telling original stories). They keep remaking “Spider-Man” because that’s their thing, so unfortunately because of the size of the movies, it overshadows some of the other things. But they never dealt with a little original story. Anyone in this business has been in the minority for a while, so it’s nothing new.”

The filmmaker of the “MaXXXine” trilogy concluded: “The difference for me in the last 12 years is that I don’t worry so much about what other people are doing. I have my own problems. I’m just trying to make this movie and somehow survive the process … and try to keep the (franchise) landing.”

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