THIS IS WHY Taron Egerton says NO to playing James Bond

Actor Taron Egertonhis name has been linked to the exchange Daniel Craig as James Bond since he starred in the action movie ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’.

After Craig left the role, these rumors were fueled by fans eager to see him take on the role of the iconic spy agent.

However, Egerton has repeatedly distanced himself from the role and recently pointed out that he was not the right choice.

He previously shared in an interview that other actors would be a better fit, and that he has yet to speak with the showrunners.

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“I’ve always struggled with my weight”

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Egerton has apparently ruled out any chance to play James Bond, despite speculation that he could be the next actor to take on the role most recently played by Daniel Craig.

is talking to The Telegraph in a recent interview, the actor shared that he didn’t think he was the “right choice” to play the iconic role, citing the role’s need for a consistent physique.

Egerton said about the role, per Insider, “I don’t think I’d be the right choice for that. You have to be statuesque all the time to be that guy. And that’s what I’m still striving for. I have always struggled with my weight.”

He also seemed unhappy that the part would require a long-term commitment from whoever is cast, adding that franchise co-producer Barbara Broccoli had previously indicated as much.

The ‘Robin Hood’ star said: ‘(It’s) a bit like being a brand ambassador and an actor. And it can be a lot of fun in microcosm, but I’m sure I read that Barbara Broccoli said it’s a 15-year commitment.”

According to Taron Egerton, there are better candidates

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The “Sing” star has repeatedly shown he’s not interested in being the next 007, despite having played similar spy-themed roles, such as in “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

One of those was his interview Total Film magazine earlier this month, where he even hinted that the showrunners may have already landed someone.

At the time, the “Rocketman” actor backed up his claim by revealing that he was yet to meet or negotiate with the showrunners.

He said lawsuit Games Radar, “I’ve never been one of those guys they look at. I just don’t think I’m the right person for this. I think there are much, much, much better candidates for this role than me. “

However, he was open to other roles in the film as he confirmed that he would be “a very willing audience member” due to his love for the franchise.

The “James Bond” showrunners have yet to choose a replacement


In addition to Egerton, fans of the spy franchise believe that Idris Elba would also be a perfect fit. However, like her counterpart, Elba put that speculation to rest when she appeared on an episode of HBO’s The Shop.

“I don’t think playing Bond is going to fulfill some of my personal goals,” Elba said at the time. Insider.” “It certainly satisfies the will of a nation, I’m not going to lie. I go to every corner of the world… they always say ‘Bond’. And I feel like I can overcome that at this point.”

Although it has not yet been confirmed who will be cast in the role, seeing a woman in the role is not in the offing.

“He can be any color, but he’s a man,” showrunner Broccoli said in a 2020 interview. Species. “I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play him.”

The following characteristics of Taron Egerton

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In the meantime, Egerton’s schedule was filled with several filming commitments. He recently wrapped filming on a new Netflix movie, “Carry On,” starring Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy winner Jason Bateman.

The actor also summarized his press statement for the Apple TV Plus crime drama “Black Bird. “In the six-episode miniseries, he played a man on drug and gun charges that carries a 10-year sentence without parole.

Egerton’s latest foray into the streaming platform, “Tetris,” debuts on March 31. Directed by Jon S. Baird, the actor stars as Henk Rogers, portraying the businessman’s role in the creation of the world-famous game. .

The cast also includes Toby Jones as Robert Stein, Nikita Yefremov as Alexei Pajitnov, Roger Allam as Robert Maxwell and Anthony Boyle as Kevin Maxwell.

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