These are the cinema releases in march 2020

It has been storming in the Netherlands for 28 weeks or so, so it’s good that so many good movies appear in the cinema in March! From Pixar’s latest film Onward to 2 films with Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, Mulan, and Bloodshot with Vin Diesel! These are the cinema releases in March 2020.

8Onward – (4th of March)

Pixar has another super original story in Onward. The eleven brothers Ian and Barley (Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) find a magical staff with which they can bring their deceased father back for 1 day. For that, they only have to look for the last place where magic can still be found. Expect an unforgettable road trip through a fairy-tale world that is completely urbanized!

7Guns Akimbo – (March 5th)

Guns Akimbo is a jet-black comedy in which Daniel Radcliffe plays the nerdy game developer Miles. In this dystopian world, he is forced to participate in a real-life killing game in which millions of people follow him through live streams. Oh yes, and a madman has screwed guns into his hands to make it a little easier for him. How sweet of that person. By the way, did you know that Harry Potter is turning 40 this year ?!

6The Invisible Man – (March 5th)

A horror remake with a twist! Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) escapes from her violent friend. The next day he is found dead in his house and leaves a large part of his fortune to Cecilia. A regret? Maybe, but meanwhile, Cecilia gets the feeling that she is being chased by an invisible person. And the trail of mysterious deaths does not help either.

5Bloodshot – (12 March)

Vin Diesel is a superhero and this time not like the talking tree Big. Ray Garrison is a deceased marine who is brought to life by the RTS Corporation with nanomachines! They repair his cells, which he heals very quickly and also make him super strong. In return, the big angry company takes control of his body, mind, and memories. Time for Vin Diesel to hit back in Bloodshot!

4My Spy – (12 March)

Dave Bautista also steps out of Guardians of the Galaxy for a new adventure. In My Spy, he plays the tough CIA agent JJ, who toughly runs his mission completely out of control. He gets 1 more chance to save his career with a simple undercover operation. He also messes that up when 9-year-old Sophie unmasks him. She promises to keep his secret … when he teaches her the tricks of the trade.

3A Quiet Place: Part II – ( 19 March)

People were silent from the first film and now Emily Blunt is back with her family in A Quiet Place: Part II. The Abbott family finally dares to leave the house in search of a safer place. That means they have to survive the perilous outside world. Just like in the first film, that is only possible by making no sound. Or aren’t the monsters that come for sounds the only threat?

2Escape from Pretoria – (19 March)

Hey, there we have Daniel Radcliffe again! This time in the moving story about 2 prisoners trying to escape from Pretoria Central Prison during the apartheid regime in South Africa. Based on the true story of Tim Jenkin from 1979. Daniel plays his young version in the film.

1Mulan – (26 March)

And this month’s Disney remake is Mulan! China is being attacked by an enemy force from the north and the emperor demands that 1 man from every family be enlisted for the army. Hua Mulan (Yifei Liu) cannot see how her old father, as the only man in the family, has to pick up the sword again. She decides to disguise herself as a boy and embark on an adventure. The Disney remakes are so successful that the studio is even working on Aladdin 2!