“The White Lotus” Season 3 is set in Thailand

Seasons 1 and 2 of the HBO anthology series took place in Hawaii and Sicily.

Mike White prepares the itinerary for the next “White Lotus” holiday. Season 3 of the popular HBO drama series will take place in Thailand, according to a new report Species.

HBO declined to comment on the news to IndieWire. According to Variety, “multiple sources close to production” have confirmed that the upcoming season will take place in Thailand. Production on the season has yet to begin, but White is said to have looked to sites in Thailand as inspiration for the new batch of episodes.

Each season of “The White Lotus” takes place over the course of a week at the fictional luxury resort chain of the title, following the drama and relationships between various guests and staff members. Season 1 took place at White Lotus’ location in Hawaii, while Season 2 packed up and moved to the chain’s location in Sicily.

Both released “White Lotus” episodes were filmed on location at the Four Seasons property in their respective countries. It’s unclear if Season 3 will follow suit, but the hotel company has four properties in Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and the Golden Triangle.

Series creator White previously hinted that he was interested in setting up Season 3 of the hit show in Asia in interviews during the Season 2 aftershow of HBO’s “Unpacking White Lotus.” Although he didn’t mention a specific country, White said he would consider focusing Season 3 on themes of “Eastern spirituality.”

“The first season highlighted the money, then the second season highlighted the sex,” White said in the film. “I think the third season would be a satirical and funny look at death, Eastern religion and spirituality. I feel like it’s a rich tapestry to take another round at White Lotus.”

Originally envisioned by White as a limited series, Season 1 of “The White Lotus” premiered in July 2021 and became a major hit on HBO. The season earned 10 Emmys at last year’s Emmys, winning Best Limited or Anthology Series, with White directing and writing, and Jennifer Coolidge and Murray Bartlett winning acting awards. Season 2, which carried over most of the cast except for Coolidge, received similar critical reception, although it will compete at the Emmys as a drama series rather than an anthology.

White writes and directs every episode of “The White Lotus” and executive produces with David Bernad and Mark Kamine.

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