The weekend is not surprised by the negative reviews of “The Idol”.

HBO”The Idol” has received criticism from all corners since its debut on the streaming platform. Lead singer The Weekndand Lily-Rose DeppThe daughter of Johnny Depp, the show’s overly sexual content, among other things, continues to paint her in a bad light.

Amid questions about whether the show will have a future on the streaming platform, The Weeknd revealed that he wasn’t surprised by the criticism the show received.

She previously addressed critics who slammed the show’s second episode for a sex scene involving her and Depp.

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“We’re doing exactly what we wanted”

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

is talking to SpeciesThe Weeknd revealed that he is not bothered by the negative reviews that “The Idol” has received since its debut on HBO.

The controversial three-episode series has been criticized for a number of reasons, including sexual content and director Sam Levinson’s alleged toxic set design.

Viewers also trolled the Weeknd for his seemingly better acting and X-rated lines on the show. The “Star Boy” farce responded to the criticism in the interview, noting that none of the things seen on the show were mistakes.

“With this show, we’re playing with genres, doing exactly what we wanted to do,” The Weeknd said.. “And none of that is a surprise. I’m excited for everyone to watch the rest of the show.”

The Weeknd Says ‘The Idol’ Is ‘Almost Educational’

The week at the 1st Annual Black Music Action Coalition Music in Action Awards

In The Idol, The Weekend plays nightclub owner Tedros, who manages the career of pop star Jocelyn (Depp). The duo’s complicated relationship was the highlight of the released episodes and led to many controversies on social media.

While most of the conversation wasn’t positive, The Weeknd expressed his hope that The Idol will teach viewers a lesson that fame isn’t just about being in the spotlight, but also that you have to deal with the less glamorous aspects of it all. .

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

“It’s almost instructive that this is what goes with being incredibly famous,” the actor said of the show. “You’re surrounded by people whose true intentions you’re not sure of, even if they seem good. You just never know.”

The Save Your Tears hitmaker then revealed that he was lucky to have people he could trust around him, adding that he had known many of them almost his whole life.

The Weeknd previously responded to ‘The Idol’ criticism

Lily-Rose Depp revealed why she skipped the weekend filming 'The Idol'

This isn’t the first time The Weeknd has responded to criticism of “The Idol” in recent weeks.

The singer-songwriter previously spoke about the very spectacular sex scene with his co-star in the second part of the series, where Terdos can be heard calling Jocelyn incredibly vulgar during masturbation.

In an interview GQ, said that despite what viewers claimed, there was “nothing sexy” about the scene. However, he admitted that some viewers would experience discomfort or “embarrassment” when witnessing the scene.

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

He continued by saying that the scene was intended to draw attention to Terdos and his personal problems.

“All these emotions add up: this guy is in over his head; this is a situation where you shouldn’t be here,” he noted.

No decision has yet been made on the future of HBO’s The Idol

Viewers trick Jeffrey Epstein Joke into 'Sickness' in 'The Idol' episode three
Instagram | The Idol

Meanwhile, it was speculated that a decision had been made to renew the show for a second season, Page six.

A source said: “This was never meant to be a long-running show; it was always… a limited series,” while another noted that the door was “still open” for a next season.

However, HBO sought to clear up the speculation and indicated on an official Twitter page that their fate has not yet been decided.

“They’re underreporting that a decision has been made on a second season of The Idol,” he said it beeps read. “No, and we can’t wait to share the next episode with you on Sunday night.”

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